Saturday, November 18, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs The Spread - Week 12

TCU -6
Wisconsin -7.5
Virginia +18.5
Illinois +41
Navy +17.5
Georgia -21.5
West Virginia-3
UCF -13.5
Virginia +18.5

Sorry about the lack of refinement for the picks. I was on the road and about an hour and a half before the games started and didn't anticipate that I would get to my home anytime soon. So let's do the usual format below the page break.

1. (12) TCU (-6) at Texas Tech - Texas Tech isn't a good team and I thought that TCU had motivation to get to the Big 12 Championship game.

Actual Score: TCU 27, Texas Tech 6

2. (24) Michigan at (5) Wisconsin (-7.5) - Wisconsin is tougher than the national media is giving them credit for. Jim Harbaugh has had some of his luster wear off this season.

Actual Score: Michigan 10, Wisconsin 24

3. Virginia (+18.5) at (3) Miami - I just thought that Miami coming off two emotional prime time games wouldn't roll over the Cavs.

Actual Score: Virginia 28, Miami 44

4. Illinois (+41) at (9) Ohio State - Any team getting 40+ points is going to get my attention, even Illinois.

Actual Score: Illinois 14, Ohio State 52

5.Navy (+17.5) at (8) Notre Dame - The combination of Navy's style and Notre Dame coming off a blowout at Miami made me think that it was going to be close.

Actual Score: Navy 17, Notre Dame 24

6. Kentucky at (7) Georgia (-21.5) - Embarrassed by Auburn, I thought that Georgia would get a great game out of the whole team.

Actual Score: Kentucky 13, Georgia 42

7. (20) LSU at Tennessee (+15.5) - I thought that the Vols would show some pride when their Head Coach was fired.

Actual Score: LSU 30, Tennessee 10

8. Texas at West Virginia (-3) - I thought that the Mountaineers were still in the Top 25, my first mistake in picking this game.

Actual Score: Texas 28, West Virginia 14

9. (15) UCF (-13.5) at Temple - The Owls have fallen since Al Golden left. UCF might be a true Top 10 team this year.

Actual Score: UCF 45, Temple 19

10. Not picked. I liked Virginia so much, that I picked them twice.

A 7-3 week when I didn't overthink anything. 1-1 with the Virginia pick. LOL. We are starting to look like I am going to have a winning record this year.

Season record. 64-51-5

My Top 10 did not change from last week.

1) Alabama
2) Miami
3) Wisconsin
4) Clemson
5) Oklahoma
6) Auburn
7) Georgia
8) Ohio State
9) Notre Dame
10) UCF 

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