Friday, November 03, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs The Spread - Week 10

I am now 5 games above .500 after a 5-4-1 week. The first rankings are out for the playoffs and I can see 4 out of the Top 6 losing before the end of the season, and that doesn't take into account for games where an also ran comes up and takes a bite out of a favorite.

1. (6) Ohio State at Iowa (+18) - There should be a letdown from the Buckeyes after the comeback vs Penn State last week. The Iowa defense is tough and the Hawkeyes play ranked teams close at home.

Ohio State 27, Iowa 21
Actual Score: Ohio State 24, Iowa 55

2. (15) Iowa State at West Virginia (-4) - It is rare when a ranked team goes on the road to face a three loss team and is the underdog. It is happening here. Look for the Mountaineers to continue looking good at home.

Iowa State 24, West Virginia 37
Actual Score: Iowa State 16, West Virginia 20

3. South Carolina (+23.5) at (1) Georgia - No upset here, but I believe that the line is too high for the game. Georgia runs the ball effectively and the defense is top notch, but until Georgia proves that it can perform under the pressure of being ranked #1 and run the SEC East, i will not pick them with a line this high.

South Carolina 16, Georgia 31
Actual Score: South Carolina 10, Georgia 24

4. (7) Penn State (-10) at (24) Michigan State - The Nittany Lions should be able to score on Sparty. I can't say that the other way around.

Penn State 34, Michigan State 13
Actual Score: Penn State 24, Michigan State 27

5. (4) Clemson (-7) at (20) North Carolina State - Clemson won't be able to push the Wolfpack defense around like the Fighting Irish O-Line did, but they are explosive enough to win by double digits.

Clemson 38, North Carolina State 27
Actual Score: Clemson 38, North Carolina State 31

6. (21) Stanford (+1) at (25) Washington State - The Cougars just gave up 55 points. That is typical of a Mike Leach defense. Let's give Stanford their 6th straight win and see if Coach Leach melts down in the post game presser.

Stanford 35, Washington State 31
Actual Score: Stanford 21, Washington State 24

7. (5) Oklahoma at (11) Oklahoma State (-2.5) - Bedlam. You cannot predict what will happen during this game. Let's say that OK State has figured out what was wrong with the offense and win this game.

Oklahoma 31, Oklahoma State 35
Actual Score: Oklahoma 62, Oklahoma State 52

8. (19) LSU (-21) at (2) Alabama - This game will be a Crimson Tide victory. However, the Tigers have athletes that should matchup against Alabama and keep it closer than the line.

LSU 21, Alabama 35
Actual Score: LSU 10, Alabama 24

9. (13) Virginia Tech (-2.5) at (10) Miami - Personally, I would like to see Miami win, but they have struggled against inferior teams. Look for the Hokies to roll until the ACC Title game.

Virginia Tech 35, Miami 17
Actual Score: Virginia Tech 10, Miami 28

10. (22) Arizona at (17) USC (-7.5) - The way that the Wildcats win this game is ball control. They are averaging over 330 yards per game. I don't think that they can do that against the Trojan defense.

Arizona 19, USC 31
Actual Score: Arizona 35, USC 49

Week Record: 4-4-2
Season Record: 50-45-5

How can you give up 52 points and be considered a playoff contender, Oklahoma? And 55 points by Iowa? What is this the 80's?

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