Friday, November 10, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs The Spread - Week 11

The season record is 50-45-5. Picking these games where two ranked teams are playing each other is tough. I like how the professional gamblers will pick a Western Michigan vs. UTEP game for their leadpipe lock of the week, but you have to pay for anything about games that you care about.

1. Arkansas at (24) LSU (-17) - This is probably a sucker bet. Arkansas isn't playing up to their potential, but LSU isn't a powerhouse offense either.

Arkansas 13, LSU 31
Actual Score: Arkansas 10, LSU 33

2. Florida State at (4) Clemson (-16.5) - The Seminoles hit rock bottom two weeks ago when Boston College blew them out. They did rebound last week and beat Syracuse. I don't think they have enough to keep this game close against a Clemson team that is focused.

Florida State 14, Clemson 42
Actual Score: Florida State 14, Clemson 31

3. Rutgers (+31) at (14) Penn State - The Nittany Lions have to be angry after two straight losses and being eliminated from the CFP. But I believe that Rutgers has improved enough to cover the spread.

Rutgers 24, Penn State 48
Actual Score: Rutgers 6, Penn State 35

4. (12) Michigan State (+16) at (13) Ohio State - The battle for the Big Ten East. I am seeing a possible Sparty upset. Can you imagine the calamity in Columbus if Ohio State loses 3 games in a season?

Michigan State 27, Ohio State 25
Actual Score: Michigan State 3, Ohio State 48

5. (15) Oklahoma State (-6) at (21) Iowa State - Both teams have ups and downs with covering the spread. But I feel good about Oklahoma State finding their offense last week.

Oklahoma State 49, Iowa State 41
Actual Score: Oklahoma State 49, Iowa State 42

6. (1) Georgia at (10) Auburn (+2.5) - This game is the toughest for me this week to figure out. Auburn is 1-2 vs ranked teams but 4-0 at home this year. I am still not sold on the Greatness of the Bulldogs.

Georgia 27, Auburn 26

7. (20) Iowa (+12) at (8) Wisconsin - Iowa and Wisconsin keep on winning on the other's field. I believe that Wisconsin breaks that streak, but Iowa comes close to the win.

Iowa 28, Wisconsin 33
Actual Score: Iowa 14, Wisconsin 38

8. (2) Alabama (-13.5) at (16) Mississippi State - Nick Saban is the best coach in college football. The proof is how dominant the Crimson Tide has been for years.

Alabama 37, Mississippi State 20
Actual Score: Alabama 31, Mississippi State 24

9. (3) Notre Dame at (7) Miami (+3) - The key to this game is the offensive line of the Fighting Irish vs. the D Line of the Hurricanes. I believe that the D Line will control this game.

Notre Dame 23, Miami 27
Actual Score: Notre Dame 8, Miami 41

10. (6) TCU at (5) Oklahoma (-6.5) - These two teams are possibly going to meet in the Big 12 Championship Game. I don't like the overall makeup of either team, but let's go with Baker Mayfield and his Heisman Trophy season.

TCU 27, Oklahoma 45
Actual Score: TCU 20, Oklahoma 38

Weekly Record: 7-3
Season Record: 57-48-5

The #1, #3, #6, and #9 ranked teams all lost this week. Here is how I would rank teams for the playoffs at the current time:

1) Alabama
2) Miami
3) Wisconsin
4) Clemson
5) Oklahoma
6) Auburn
7) Georgia
8) Ohio State
9) Notre Dame
10) UCF

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