Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Non-Anniversary

Ten years ago today, the Oakland Raiders were screwed by the NFL and the New England Patriots went on to win a Super Bowl they did not deserve to be in.

Anyone who lives outside of New England knows the “tuck rule” was an obscure (censored) call the refs pulled out of their (censored) just to screw the Raiders out of getting their fourth Lombardi Trophy. Tom Brady fumbled. I will maintain that view until the day I die.

The above is video of the game with audio from the Raiders broadcast team of Greg Papa and Tom Flores. Now you’ll have to excuse me while I go pelt my buddy Zebster with a  snow ball.


Zebster said...

Did my email cause you to write this? LOL As I said, it was a fumble in every way, just not by rule, a rule I never understood the purpose for. I even checked "stinks" for you below the blog.
In NE we say it's make-up for Darryl Stingley and/or the screwing we got in the '77? playoffs.
I "tucked," you missed bwahaha and here's one back atcha. Happy Anniversary

Brent said...

It was a great call from my perspective. Yes, the Raiders got screwed, but it caused Al Davis to "trade" Jon Gruden to Tampa which brought the Buccaneers a Super Bowl title.

Imagine if the Raiders would have won that game. I believe that the Raiders would have had a mini dynasty winning a couple of titles and preventing the Patriots from being the franchise of the '00.