Monday, January 02, 2012

Still Searching For Success

The pain endures, and this time it’s going to hurt all winter and spring. The Raiders should be in the playoffs, but when you lose three of your final four games you don’t deserve to be there.

Even though the Denver Broncos did everything they could to hand the AFC West division crown to the Oakland Raiders, my team couldn’t stop the San Diego Chargers offense even if they had put a wall of Plexiglas at the goal line from one end zone pylon to the other. As a result, the Raiders’ streak of nine straight seasons without a playoff appearance continues.

And the Denver Broncos, despite a JaMarcus Russell-like performance from Tim Tebow, will move on to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs as the AFC West champion – and without a winning record.

RANT, PART I: Raiders defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan should be fired on Black Monday. Why did he allow a down lineman or a linebacker with a leg injury cover the other team’s best receiver on a deep pattern? Is he nuts? Or just stupid? That brilliant move cost us the game against the Lions two weeks ago and hurt us again in today’s game against the Chargers. I’m tired of seeing a talented team get steam rolled by opponents because they’re playing a defensive scheme that does not play to their strengths.

RANT, PART II: I like Carson Palmer a lot but he has to do a much better job with clock management in the future. His mistakes at the end of the first half cost us three points and could have swung the momentum of the game in the Raiders favor. Hopefully a full offseason with the Raiders will solve that problem. Otherwise I think he’s the quarterback that’s going to lead us back to the Super Bowl one day.

RANT, PART III: I really like coach Hue Jackson. I’m glad he’s pissed off at today’s performance. I had a huge smile on my face when I watched his expletive-laden postgame press conference. He will take a harder approach with the Raiders next season. However, it all comes down to “Just win, baby!” The team has to win, regardless of the methods he will use to get it done.

RANT, PART IV: The Raiders are once again the NFL record holders for the most penalties in a season. They MUST cut down on those stupid mistakes that allow their opponents to keep offensive drives alive or else they will never attain a winning record. Don’t grab a face mask unless you’re going to wrench someone’s head off. Don’t hit someone above the shoulder unless you’re going to knock them into next Tuesday. Personal foul penalties only hurt the Raiders unless the other team gets injured because of them, like in the old days when John Madden was the head coach.


Zebster said...

Yeah, that old swagger doesn't work anymore. You get penalized for stuff that used to fly in the old days. The Raiders just seem undisciplined and not smart when it matters most. Palmer certainly has the ability but he needs to protect the ball better.

Brent said...

I do have a question for you R.J. When Hue Jackson says that the coaching staff can't do anymore and that the players are the reason that the game was lost, does that inspire you with confidence going forward?

tpubgu said...

Nice post, RJ. I really viewed Jackson's rant against the players as a wake-up call that none of them are safe next training camp. Coaches coach, and players need to execute. That's how I viewed it.

As with a lot of teams, (Brent, I'm also talking about your Bucs), give Palmer some weapons and blocking. I was talking with my son about how important linemen are. Put pressure on the Mannings, Rodgers, Brady, etc., and they can look average or worse. Then the QBs need someone who can actually catch the ball, whether they're open or not.