Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In response to my sharing a link on Facebook regarding tom-brady-bill-belichick-survive-stupidest-decision-of-all-time-and-other-leftover-patriots-thoughts and sharing this comment ("There are a lot of good insights here regarding the game, though this one is the most "shocking" to me: The rushing touchdown was also just the third postseason rushing touchdown of Brady's career, and his first since the '04 playoffs. Impossibly, those three rushing touchdowns rank third in Patriots history, behind only Curtis Martin (5) and Corey Dillon (4).") one of our authors, who has yet to make a post of her own on this blog, left an excellent comment that I tried to encourage her to use as the basis for a blog post, to no avail.  She's shy and needs some encouragement, even though I've told her she has excellent insights.

So I'm doing the next best thing by taking her comment and pasting it in as a guest blog by ocbananagirl:
I really like this article, or I really like this article after the initial criticism about the pass and the call to pass at that moment of time in the game. I just want to concentrate on all the good and I am not going to worry about that erroneous decision. Honestly I am surprised that the Pats are in the Super Bowl. I mean let's be honest, did we really think this could happen this year? I thought that this year was going to be a rebuilding year. I did not think the defense could do it looking back on this whole season. The defense though was the shining star in this last game, and even though Flacco had the Game of his life (believe me it was the game of his life, he was my fantasy QB for 2 years) the defense was able to contain Ray Rice, who for most of this season was unstoppable. That in itself was unbelievable and I didn't realize that they had it in them, or really I thought they were working up to this level but I didn't think we would see it this season, I shouldn't have had any doubt though with Mr Hoodie crafting this up like some wizard putting together potions.. Yeah, Yeah I know Brady looked bad but not as bad as the last game with the Jets last year, and then we found out that he was injured and I have a feeling that this may also come to be also. Now Brady has two weeks rest and two weeks to think about the Giants, and luckily for Patriots Nation we have never ever seen him have two bad games in a row. So I am feeling more confident with the next game than the game before, although I really don't want to think about it - something along the lines of " better to have gone to the Super Bowl and lost than to have never gone to the Super Bowl." For me it's not the Super Bowl; it is putting big blew blue in their place, I want a smack down! So Bill, please leave your pensive thoughts alone, I need you to get your hoodie on and do your wizardry for one more game and please, please be that jerk who smacks down the Giants, do it for Patriots Nation!
 Rereading this makes me think we need to encourage her to write a weekly fantasy blog next season.  Wouldn't you agree?  She's also an excellent cook/chef who owns a seasonal cafe on the Jersey coast, and I've tried to encourage her to post a pub food recipe for us.  So let's give her the encouragement she deserves.  This place could use a woman's perspective.


Zebster said...

I had no problem with the idea to try that bomb right after the turnover -- I have a problem with Brady deciding to throw it when Slater was obviously double covered.

I was hoping we'd get SF, who I feel we match up with better; but this is our chance for payback and like OCBG (ocbananagirl) I'm going to try to remain positive and be glad we've made the Super Bowl, despite the fact that I'm on record as saying I'd rather not go if we're gonna lose. Great job, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. We could always use a new perspective around here. I hope you do write something on Fantasy Football next season.

Brent said...

I agree wholeheartedly with zeb and R.J. that OCBG would be a welcome addition to the people that post on the blog.

OCbananagirl said...

Hey Hey Hey one blog, are you sure you guys are ready for that female perspective, but thank you , thank you I will promise to stop by more often and Zeb thank you for helping me with my training wheels on the blog thing, I really need to learn alot, oh nad by the way he forgot to tell you that my cafe is of the healthy nature --- so heres to hummus, veggie burgers, and all fruit smoothies! I still like a good beer and will never turn down a good glass of red wine! :)