Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carling Cup #8

Well, it wasn't pretty (from what I can see watching highlights and reading wrap-ups since I was unable to watch the match) but Liverpool managed to beat Cardiff City 3-2 in penalty kicks to take home the Carling Cup for the eighth time.  Liverpool has had a habit this season of playing down to the level of competition at times and, regardless the importance of this match and how well Cardiff played, this was another example of Liverpool not putting away lesser teams.  So many times this season they've had ties and even losses to lower division teams, which is why they likely won't make the Champions League again.  But another trophy is another trophy, and maybe another comes later this season as Liverpool is still very much alive in the FA Cup.  It's been 16 years since Liverpool has played at Wembley (the first in the new venue), hard to believe it used to be referred to as Liverpool South given all the numerous times Liverpool had hoisted trophies in England's national stadium.
Cardiff put up a valiant effort and you'd have rooted for that underdog to win if you weren't a Reds fan...a heartbreaking way to lose in the end.

<a href='' target='_new' title='Carling Cup Final: Cardiff/Liverpool'>Video: Carling Cup Final: Cardiff/Liverpool</a>

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tpubgu said...

Nice little post, Zeb. I haven't watched it either, but from what I've read, you hit the nail on the head.