Friday, February 24, 2012

Twin 125s (open forum)

So the races ran but due to a DVR malfunction Zeb and I were unable to watch. We were working during the race and sat down in the evening to watch them and soon realized we only had about half of the first race on the DVR. UGH!!

Zeb reviewed the results online, coupled with what small amount of the race we watched felt the Petty cars ran very well. I like Trevor Bayne and think he is really growing up to be a great racer.

Next time we will triple check the DVR but for any of you who were able to watch the races I would love your comments.


Anonymous said...

I didn't record the races but I'm happy Smoke is starting 3rd.

Zebster said...

Someone screwed up...the channel lineup only showed an hour and it said 60 laps and I just wasn't thinking. If it'd said the 125s, I would realized that was 2 hours too short. Oh well.