Sunday, February 19, 2012

How did you spend your Sunday?

Watching sports, of course, especially since this is my last Sunday off for awhile.  Oh, and the day was finished off by an awesome pork roast.
First, I "watched" Liverpool beat Brighton 6-3 to advance to the quarterfinals of the FA Cup.  I wasn't able to actually watch it because the match wasn't on TV here but I kept an eye on the live updates online.  The big story here is that Brighton had THREE own goals, two of them by the same poor chap.  Liverpool will face Stoke City in the next round in March.
Next, I watched pole qualifying for next weekend's Daytona 500.  Carl Edwards won the pole, and the two Petty cars are starting in the top 15.  Kasey Kahne will start around 25th.  You can find where your favorite drivers will start on your own.
While I'm watching Daytona 500 qualifying, I'm also starting to watch the Bruins against the Wild (let me say how much I like the Wild's green home sweater.  It's one of my favorites) and the final round of the PGA tournament from Riviera Country Club, where Lefty would be teeing off last with a share of the lead.  I didn't watch a lot of the Bruins game because I could tell early on it was going to be another of those where they'd outplay and outshoot the other team but continue to be stonewalled by great goaltending.  In this case I was right, as Niklas Backstrom stopped 48 Bruin shots on the way to a 2-0 shutout.

So I focused on the golf tournament to see whether Phil could win two in a row.  Bill Haas holds the clubhouse lead at 7 under with Phil and Keegan Bradley one behind as they play the par 5 17th hole.  So both Phil and Keegan need to birdie the 17th to tie, since there had only been 28 birdies on the 18th hole all week.  Well, they both struggle on the 17th and par it, needing to birdie the 18th to tie and go to a playoff with Haas.  Phil gets on in two at the back of the green and miraculously birdies his 26 footer from the fringe -- miraculous since he hadn't sunk a put all day.  The crowd erupts, of course.  You gotta love Phil's flare for the dramatic.  Next comes Keegan, who calmly sinks a 15 footer.  Unbelievable, they both get the necessary birdies and so we have a three-way sudden death playoff.
Back to 18 again, where all three players par the hole.  Then it's on to the drivable par 4 10th hole -- where Phil ends up in the ruff on one side, Keegan in the bunker on the same side and Haas in the ruff on the other side...none of them have a chance at a birdie.  Haas goes first and decides to shoot "sideways" to a wider part of the green, leaving about a 50 footer.  Phil hits a very good flop shot that still wouldn't hold on and trickles into the bunker on the other side.  Keegan's bunker shot holds on to the back fringe about 15 feet from the hole.  So it looks like the outcome will be three pars and on to the next hole, EXCEPT that Haas sinks his 50 footer for a birdie and the win.  Great golf tournament.
What I didn't have time for was watching the Celtics game tonight, though I did see an update that said KJ didn't start and Rondo was thrown out of the game against the Pistons, and the Celts were trailing..  Oh, and apparently Linsanity struck again today as well, as the Knicks snapped the Mavs winning streak.
The best part of the day though was spending it with someone I care for a lot and eating her wonderful pork roast.


dasnake said...

hey zeb, i don't know if you saw my comment about bruins and kanucks, the article is a bruin fan in the lower mainland, it is in the sport section of the above paper, and what is with the iq test now needed to post?

Shel said...

Glad you enjoyed your last Sunday of sports, for a while, and the roast. Although I think you like the potatoes and gravy more than the roast. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sports wise? I saw the Thornton - Kassian fight and caught a little Linsanity earlier in the day. Not much else going on.