Sunday, February 12, 2012

Win #40 for Lefty

Being that there was not much on TV this Sunday for a sports fan, I found the PGA Pebble Beach ProAm on and see my man Lefty has just taken the lead.  Wouldn't you just love to play at Pebble Beach, and play reasonably well at that? (For me that would mean not being a complete embarrassment)  It was always one of my favorite courses to play when playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour.
Getting caught up, I find out that Charlie Wi had a 3 stroke lead over Tiger Woods and 5 over Phil to start the day.  Then Tiger has his struggles and Phil goes 5 under in the first 6 holes.  Going to the back 9, Phil had a one shot lead over some nobody.  He only had one birdy through the next six holes but poured in two 30-40 footers for par, one on the same hole that Tiger had just put one in from the bunker for a birdie.
So not only am I watching Phil play well at one of the most gorgeous and storied courses in the world, he's playing with Tiger; and you can see them both playing off each other and Phil getting the best of Tiger on this day.  If they had been playing match-play, the match would've been over after 13 holes, Phil winning 7-5.  Phil and Tiger have only been paired together 10 times, with Tiger winning three of those tourneys, Phil 2.
Oh, and our favorite Mayor of Carmel made a booth visit   Another interesting side note:  Bill Belichik played in this tournament with Ricky Barnes, whose father was a punter for Patriots back in the '70s.
So I'm heading back to work tomorrow and likely won't be blogging as much; and since I haven't blogged about golf in a long time, I thought I'd at least write a short one about Lefty's 40th career PGA Tour victory, his fourth at Pebble Beach.  He fired a 64 to easily take home the trophy, becoming the 8th player ever with 40 plus victories.
One last anecdote:  Coming off the green, his wife Amy gives him a hug and says "I'm so happy for you.  What a round...are you kidding me?!"


Shel said...

Great blog on Sunday golf at Pebble Beach. I too enjoy watching golf, especially during our winters in Maine... it makes me feel warm and sunny!

Unknown said...

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