Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Things That I Am Following This Week

1.  The NBA Finals - The only reason that I am following this is that I hope that the Heat fail again to win the championship.  Game 2 ended with a foul that wasn't called on LeBron James.  But as with all the series this year, the officiating has been at best questionable.  The flopping in the NBA is worse than in European Pro Soccer.  The incident between David Stern and Jim Rome did nothing but put a microscope on the officiating and it appears that the patient has some disease that is terminal.  Hopefully there is some consistency in the way the officials call the rest of this series, but my money is against it.

2.  U.S. Open - Tiger is in the hunt after Round 1, so the golfing fans will be watching again during the weekend.  For myself, I am hoping for a final flurry during the last 9 holes of Tiger and at least one other golfer tied and going for the title.  That is the best that we can hope for.  Hopefully, the fans will start to warm to other golfers besides Tiger in the next year.

3.  UEFA 2012 - I am calling shenanigans.  Advertizing on underwear shown after you score a goal?  Brilliant!  Brawling between Russian and Polish soccer fans?  Not So Brilliant!  The non-riot when England and France played was good.  Maybe some blockheads over there are growing up.  Right, just wait until the Semi-finals get played, you will have the hooligans liquered up and ready to brawl.  So far, only the Netherlands and Ireland have been eliminated from advancing.  And Italy could be prevented from advancing.  We have drama and flair with this tournament, hopefully it will continue.

4.  MLB No-No's. - This is getting ridiculous.  2 perfect games in the same season?  5 No Hitters?  Where are the consummate hitters?  Those people like Wade Boggs or Tony Gwynn that weren't worried about power stats, but more concerned about getting hits and helping their teams.  The minor leagues need to teach players the basics.  Ask Ben Revere of the Twins about bunting.  He rarely can put down a good bunt and that is the only thing that is preventing him from being a real good big league outfielder.  Things like that should be worked on in the minors, but due to cost cutting by owners and the win now mentality that most people have, the basics are glossed over.

5.  NHL Labor Talk Positioning - The owners have said that they are ready to negotiate at any time the PA is.  Donald Fehr has said that the NHL is unique because they have a sport that is world wide.  And with the way he wielded the strike power with MLB, I believe that we are in for a major work stoppage yet again.  And that could be a severe blow to the NHL.  Imagine what the union is going to do when the NHL asks for the players to take 50% of revenues instead of the 57% that they currently get.


Anonymous said...

For me it's the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 6am Saturday to 6am Sunday PST. I have a unique opportunity to watch the full 24 hours on Speed HD and online and still get six hours of sleep before noon.

Zebster said...

I will be watching The Open but unfortunately not til the end. I have to go back to Caribou (spent 4 days this past week) and will need to get up at 3am. Tiger is good for the sport, though I'm not sure why fans haven't warmed up to other players. Phil is the most popular player supposedly but when Tiger falls out of contention, rating drop dramatically.
The NHL needs to get things fixed without any stoppage. It's not strong enough yet to survive.

Brent said...

The NBA Finals look like a replay of 2006.