Saturday, June 09, 2012

5 Things That I Am Watching This Week

Abbreviated Edition.  Did Relay For Life yesterday/last night/this morning and have work in about an hour.  So no long explanations unless I come back and edit the piece.

1.  The media after Game 7 of the Heat/Celtics.  The media goes back and forth during this series burying both teams.  But whichever team comes out with a win will still be buried because the Big Bag Thunder are waiting on the other side.  For the losing team, infamy about losing what should have been their series to win.

2.  The Belmont.  I'll Have Another has been scratched, which turns this from a spectacle to a betting event.  The rating that this pulls in on TV will be historically low, I predict.  And horse racing still cannot get a Triple Crown winner in over 30 years.

3.  Stanley Cup Finals.  Well, at least the Devils didn't get swept.  But I don't see where three more straight wins are coming from for the Jersey side.  Maybe the parade through L.A. will bring more Kings fans out that are porn stars.  (See Tabitha Stevens, game 4 behind Jersey bench).  And the Zach Parise countdown is officially on.  There are 10 teams that have been quoted that they would look at him as a Free Agent, bringing him in and signing him to a long-term lucrative contract.  But for some reason, I just can't see him in San Jose Teal.

4.  Euro 2012.  Upsets are happening and the rough play is starting to seem to be ramping up early.  Let's see if the fans decide to follow the player's lead.

5.  NASCAR reporters.  I am tired of NASCAR allowing media members to goad their drivers into blowups.  I can wait for 10 to 15 minutes before I have to hear from a driver who has been taken out, or from a driver that is getting banged around like Kurt Busch was because he was on probation.  In fact, for NASCAR, here is a question:  Why aren't you protecting the drivers on probation that cannot retaliate when other drivers race them dirty?  You want the people on probation to straighten out their act, then why do you allow others to beat and bang them without provocation and do nothing?  I am so sick of NASCAR.  I am trying to not to watch any piece of a race this year from this point on because NASCAR has become unwatchable.  I would rather watch a race from the 80's or 90's than today.  Because back then, you had drivers, not corporate shills.

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