Thursday, June 21, 2012

I care about the Selke Award

And not just because it was won for the first time by Patrice Bergeron of the Bruins, who by the way was long overdue being nominated for the first time this year, say nothing about winning it.  Patrice is absolutely one of the best two-way, all-around players in the NHL.  Very few players are better at winning face-offs, he always draws and usually shuts down the best offensive centerman on the opposing team and had a whopping plus-minus this year of +36. 
The Selke is awarded to "the forward who best excels in defensive aspects of the game," and in my opinion is more impressive when it's won by your team's best offensive centerman.  Also, winning it over arguably the best all-around player in the league, three-time Selke winner Pavel Datsyuk, speaks volumes about Bergeron's play and the respect he has garnered around the league; and if you can believe this, he's only 26 years old.  It seems like he's been in the league for 10 years.  Finally, he's the perfect kind of player to be wearing the "spoked B."
Anyway, I haven't written much lately -- the new job is keeping me quite busy -- but wanted to take this opportunity to give Patrice his due and put something up on the board.
Also, congrats to this year's Stanley Cup champs, the LA Kings, who remind me of the Bruins in many ways.  Oh, does anyone have a blog in them about the upcoming entry draft? And check out Patrice's girl friend at the beginning of this vid! Wowsers!


Anonymous said...

I used to care about the Selke Trophy about twenty years ago, but now it's given to the offensive forward who happens to play defense. You won't see a Guy Carbonneau or Steve Kasper win it in today's NHL.

Brent said...

I agree with R.J. The Selke isn't given to the best defensive forward and hasn't been for the past decade.

Zebster said...

But I have to disagree to the extent that IMO Patrice is the best defensive forward in the league...he just happens to be pretty good on offense as well.