Sunday, June 10, 2012

Friends & the family brick

The Sox lost to the Nats 4-2 and even though DiceK gave up 4 runs in less than 6 innings, his performance was actually quite good, striking out 8, I believe.  But this short post is really about being at the jewel that is Fenway Park, hanging with a great friend and his friends (who are becoming friends of mine) and getting to see and take a picture of the family brick that is now permanently a part of Fenway.
Far too much transpired yesterday to even think about blogging it.  Suffice to say we all had a great time and many of the events of the day will be remembered for quite sometime but I will throw in these teasers -- The Cask & Flagon, scotch at the ritzy bar on Comm Ave and the cab ride.  I will simply close with a remark that encapsulates it all and share a couple of the pictures that I took.  Great to have you and your friends come up, G, "great time, great friends and great scotch."
As part of the final phase of the restoration at Fenway, the club sold bricks that are placed around the park in areas that were restored and expanded.  This is a picture of my family's brick that we all chipped in, mostly to celebrate my grandparents but also the now five generations of Sox fans in our family.
From left to right, Pudge, G and Rich.  I should've taken more pictures.

UPDATE:  As I did with G's new companion piece, I'm adding a link to it here, so that both of these articles that were written about the same events can be linked together.


Shel said...

Glad you had fun and yes you should have taken more pictures!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time, and it was nice seeing the brick you told me about not long ago.

Greg DeBeck said...

Dice-K pitched a good game, even though they lost. Seems like their offense needs a little jumpstart lately. They're getting homeruns, but they're solos - need to do it with men on. Glad you had fun - going to Fenway is always a good time even when they lose (I've been lucky enough, tho, to always see them win). I agree with Shel - pictures, you need to take more pictures lol. This coming from someone who ALWAYS takes 200-300 pics when I'm down there lol.

DC Homer said...

It was a great weekend! As for that cab ride, imagine five fairly sizable guys (one oversized in girth--me). Now imagine a "Rav 5" size cab. Now imagine the guys half full of Fenway beer and expensive Scotch, with aching feet and backs (okay that was only me). NOW imagine me in the front seat and everyone else crammed on top of each other in the lone back seat! that was the cab ride. I mean, I was comfortable!! ;-)