Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Things That I Am Sick Of

Decided to change things up this week and instead of the 5 Things That I Am looking forward to, I am listing the 5 things that I am sick and tired of hearing about.  Tim Tebow didn't make the list, but he was #6.

5.  NFL players attacking Roger Goodell.  Let me put this in simple terms so that even those people that have post-concussion syndrome that are suing the league can understand.  Goodell is trying to change the game so that it stays relevant in the future.  Attendance hit it's peak in 2007.  You have sponsors that are weary about young deaths that are attributed to football injuries.  More studies are showing that playing football causes years to be lopped off the end years of life.  Finally, there are some fans out there that are becoming turned off by the unnecessary violence and machismo that is exhibited during games.  So Goodell is trying to get the game to change to keep it viable in the long run.  And you have players that keep on criticizing him.  Look at what comes out of Pittsburgh.  The players there are convinced that the commish has it out for them, but then on the other hand, they are one of the dirtiest teams out there.  Polamalu lies about having a concussion to continue playing.  James Harrison has basically said that Goodell is the devil and must be stopped.  The players on the Saints ran a bounty system and yet they attack the commissioner because he says that isn't appropriate.  And over 30 players, many high profile, have been arrested during the off-season.  Maybe the players need to look in the mirror and start yelling at themselves for making the commish the man in the NFL that does everything for the good of the game instead of being bloodsucking leeches like the players.

4.  College Football Playoffs.  It is a sham.  All that the supposed playoff system does is extends the BCS championship by a round.  In a true playoff system, you would have conference winners advance into the playoffs.  Here, you have a selection committee that will have it's own biases and try to select the 4 best teams.  And about the time you get 3 SEC teams into this playoff system because of the bias towards that conference, the public might become vaguely aware of how flawed this concept is.

3.  Tiger Woods.  There is a bloody Tiger Tracker on for the Open Championship.  Each shot is recorded and commented on.  All I have to ask is where is the Keegan Bradley shot tracker?  Because each of these players, Tiger and Bradley have the same number of major titles over the past couple of years.  Zero.  I am tired of hearing that Tiger is the end all for anything golf.  The sport was around before Woods came and it will be here after Woods leaves.  I don't even think that he his the best ever in the game.  I wouldn't even put him in the Top 5.  People need to stop proclaiming him the sport of golf.

2.  Anything Boston Red Sox.  Oh my word.  I believe that my head will explode if I have to continue to hear and read about the Boston Red Sox.  The team is currently tied for 3rd in the AL East and 5th in the wildcard standings.  But yet, the publicity that they get is like the 1927 Yankees.  Let's see here, we have Bobby V. who causes havoc wherever he goes.  You have Carl Crawford saying that he was racially heckled during a rehab assignment.  You have the Kevin Youkalis debacle starting with Valentine dissing him.  You have a purported rift between the GM and Valentine.  You have coaches not talking to other coaches.  The players are not following what the coaches want them to do.  You have Dustin Pedroia not coming into a meeting on the mound.  Daniel Bard's shift into the rotation looked like a 3-year old made the decision.  Look at all the things listed.  Only one actually has to do with performance out on the field.  That is why I don't want to hear about anything Red Sox.  It doesn't have to do with on field performance for the most part.

1.  Dwight Howard.  This has been a year and a half waste of time.  He wants out, then decides to come back.  Tell upper management that he wants his coach fired.  Coach says something about it and Howard denies it.  Howard says he wants to come back and signs his option to go back to Orlando.  Says that he has worked things out with the coach.  Then says that coach stabbed him in the back.  Magic fire coach and GM.  Magic say they will build around Howard.  Howard says that the Magic extorted him into signing the option.  Now says that he only wants to go to Brooklyn.  Deal cannot be reached with Nets.  Now is open to Los Angeles and still wants out of Orlando.  Somebody needs to grab this kid, smack him upside the head and tell him to shut up go underground for a couple of months, popping up just long enough to say that he enjoyed his time in Orlando and is happy that he is joining his new team if in fact he is traded. 


Anonymous said...

It's not even training camp yet and I'm tired of Tim Tebow.

Zebster said...

That's an excellent list. As a Sox fan, I'm right there with you. As for Tiger, and I'm no fan, statistics show when he's in the running the viewership is exponentially higher than when he's not. So if the people care, then the network has to follow suit.