Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Weekend In Boston

Howdy Guys!  It’s been a while since I posted, so I’ll keep this brief (promise). 

The Zebster’s been on me about posting a comment regarding my (not so) recent trip to Beantown to watch my Washington Nationals play in an inter-league game against the “Baaston” Red Sox.  Suffice it to say I had a GREAT, DRUNKEN time!  Gotta hand it to Boston!  It certainly didn’t hurt the party mood to find ourselves caught in the middle of a Gay Pride Day parade.
Awight—to sum it the weekend:  We got in town on Friday, were fed like kings by our hosts’ mom, then watched the Nats kick the crap out of the Sox in Game 1 from the comfort of my host’s patio—draining a 1.5 liter of Scotch and smoking copious cigars.  On Saturday, we commenced a bar crawl from the Old North Church to Fenway Park (visiting the grave sites of Paul Revere and Crispus Attucks along the way) where we eventually hooked up with the Z-man (10 beers later).  Somewhere after the 2nd inning, we lost our host (and a couple of the other guys), but I sat glued to my seat as the Nats kicked the crap out of the Sox in Game 2.  (Note:  I had to stay in my seat when I learned they don’t sell beer in the stands at Fenway!!!  (Huh!?!  Zeb tried his best to get me to drink a Coors Light….might as well slit my throat! Whatever!) 
After the game, the “plan” was to meet at a ‘baa’ near whatever that place is where the Celtics (supposedly) play basketball.  After walking about a mile and a half from Fenway, the five of us stopped at some posh hotel restaurant (people were wearing tuxedos—seriously) to have a cocktail (refreshing!).  After losing Zeb (he had to get back to Maine to go count moose, or something like that) we found a bar that was loaded with Boston University students and watched the Heat put the heat on the Celts.   When the game was over, and the bar converted to a loud, music-laced cheering fest, to a somber, murmuring tomb, I paid my bill, took a picture of the sad faces, cleared my throat and while dressed in my Nats gear, I made the following announcement:

“You Boston fans suck!  You can’t play basketball….you can play baseball….and you certainly can’t play hockey!  What the hell good are you???”  (seriously...I did say (yell) that!)  ;-)

Then proceeded to exit the ‘baa,’ stage right (waiting for that Sam Adams bottle to hit me in the back of the head). 

It was a great weekend spent in a historic ballpark (my 9th major league ballpark) with my good friends!  Next year, it’s Cooperstown, for sure!!!

AN UPDATE FROM ZEB:  Since the above post from G and my post a few weeks ago are regarding the same get-together, I'm adding a link to its sister post on each one.  So here's the link to my piece about this great weekend


Brent said...

Sounds like a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah! That sounded like a lot of fun.

Brent said...

I forgot to say that I applaud you on the heckling of Boston fans. They deserve it.

Zebster said...

A couple of your DC teams got the best of us recently, which is great for you guys and a lot of Beantown fans need to lower their expectations a little.
I had a great time hooking up with you, as always, with Rich and Mike? again and to meet your other friends. It was obvious you guys were having a great time and Boston is a fun city. Two great pics and thanks for sharing one where I'm wearing my new 100th Fenway hat. When you guys decide when you're going to Cooperstown, I want in...I'm overdue for another trip there. Great piece, amigo. Oh, you left out the cab ride. Did I put that in my piece?