Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Wild Minnesota signings

I know I've been out of the loop here of late but I doubt I'm the only one who didn't see both Zach Parise and Ryan Suter going there in financially cripling enormous free agent deals.  As a fan who loves the "silly seasons" of sports almost as much as the games themselves, these moves finally set in motion a full-blown free agency season in the NHL.  What do you think will happen now that the log jam has been broken?  The below link offers 10 things to consider in that vein.  Please also comment on the moves that your teams have made already...we've been far too quiet on here lately.
Ten potential impacts of the Minnesota Wild signing Parise and Suter, including a chance at the Winter Classic.


Brent said...

There was a feeling on Tuesday afternoon that this was going to happen. KFAN, the Twin Cities sports network had figured out that on Tuesday morning that Parise was on the move out of Toronto and shortly thereafter, they knew he was heading for the Twin Cities. If you and your wife were in Toronto, why do you need to go to Minnesota and talk it over with your family? Parise had gone back to Minnesota and the Wild was asked to come see Suter on his farm in Wisconsin. It was a known fact that Parise and Suter had been talking lots about playing together and that the Wild organization had said that they would be the biggest spenders on Parise. They both are midwestern boys that don't really like the big city attitudes of NY and Toronto. So now the power in the Northwest Division has shifted away from Vancouver and towards Edmonton and Minnesota.

My predictions are still Luongo to Toronto with Burkie Claus giving up too much for him. Nash going to the Rangers. and Shane Doan signing in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

No way Burkie Claus gives up too much for Luongo. Burke has a history of fleecing teams, and I wouldn't doubt the package going back to Vancouver are contracts like Komisarek, Lombardi or Connolly.

I'm happy the Wild made these signings. Now the rest of the NHL can go overpay for Matt Carle and Shane Doan.