Friday, July 27, 2012

5 Things That I Am Watching This Week

1.  The Penn State Fallout.  Things are going to get worse before they get better at this institution of higher learning.  The Board of Trustees, Nittany Lion Football players, students, and the surrounding community are all upset at the NCAA and Interim President are upset about the penalties.  There are threats about going into the judicial system and about how the NCAA wasn't fair to Penn State about didn't follow their own investigating guidelines about this. 

Part of me wants the furor to continue and actually have the judicial system overturn the NCAA penalties due to lack of investigation.  And when the NCAA does do their investigation and comes up with even more infractions by the Penn State footbal program, instead of throwing the book at the Nittany Lions, just bury them.  Enact that 4 year death penalty.  Fine the institution $200 Million.  Have an 8 year probation period.  Eliminate all but 10 scholarships a year for a while.  And have the citizens of "Happy Valley" endure losses of Hundreds of Millions of dollars due to the loss of Penn State football for 4 years.  Then see how "unfair" the penalties of the NCAA were when putting sanctions on that quick.

2.  The Olympics.  I won't be watching hardly at all.  I will be on vacation for part of that time.  The other part, I will be ignoring most of it.  However, the best team in the world for men's soccer, Spain, has lost their opening game.  The U.S. Women's team rallied to beat France.  I want to see the medal accumulation by Michael Phelps.  I want to see if anybody can knock off the U.S. Men's Basketball team.  There are other events that I will follow, so not all the Olymics will I be trying to avoid.

3.  The MLB Trade deadline.  Already there have been a couple of eye openers, with Ichiro going to the Yankees being the biggest one in my eyes.  For myself, my team has traded all of the players it can.  The Astros have traded all their proven players.  Of course, losing 22 out of the last 25 games does mean that the playoffs might be out of reach this season.  We should reach out to the Red Sox and try and steal Carl Crawford in a trade.  Why not?  The Red Sox have said that they are willing to trade Crawford. 

4.  The start and continuation of NFL training camps.  Already, you have Adrian Peterson upset at the Vikings.  You have the circus at Jets camp.  The Dolphins need to get Ryan Tannihill into camp to get him up to speed and the QB battle they have there.  The QB battle in Seattle, Arizona, Kansas City, and other places.  The turnover of the bottom of the depth charts in cities.  I am started to get excited for Pro Football.

5.  The Continued Escalation of the Flyers-Penguins Feud.  Claude Giroux had surgery on both of his wrists and claimed the reason he needed the surgery is that Sidney Crosby on face-offs would not go for the puck but slash his wrists in the playoffs.  These 2 teams don't like each other and they are still barking at each other during the offseason.  For some reason, I can picture a scene like out of Rollerball when there were no rules at least once during a game in the coming year featuring these two teams.


Zebster said...

I will be trying to watch some of the Olympics...there are sports that I only care about every four years, track sprints, for example. Even though I don't tend to watch the opening ceremonies, I do like the magnitude of the event. And I feel you left out a big one this weekend...the Brickyard 400.

Brent said...

I did leave out the Brickyard 400. It probably should have been #5, but I haven't been able to get into NASCAR this year. Probably because there aren't any teams that would be considered surprises that have a decent shot at the title.