Sunday, January 06, 2013

Are you excited?

I know I am, though it feels hollow at the moment given that the announcement that there will be an NHL season just happened, coinciding  with the first weekend of the NFL playoffs.  But when the games begin and I have an opportunity to watch, I will.  Go Bruins!
Yes, I'm very disappointed that we've had two serious work stoppages in the last 7 years but I am an NHL fan second only to MLB (yes, obviously a glutton for punishment).  So when my Bruins are playing, especially when playing well, I will follow fairly closely and watch quite regularly.

This post is meant as an open forum to comment however you'd like now that the lockout is over.


Brent said...

I am excited, but this hurry up and get the season started period is going to be pure bedlam.

Anonymous said...

I'm ambivalent at the moment. If NHL Network shows a Leafs game I may watch. But pay for NHL Center Ice after all this madness? Not happening this year and may not happen again.