Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pats Game

Managed to get tickets to the Pats - Texans game.  My wife needs to stay friends with these ticket holders:).  Row 26 looking across the 5 yard line.  Seeing a pro game this close makes you realize how big the players are.  OK Welker still looks small. 

The game was great.  It was funny to hear about the bad ref calls the next day.  The calls really were bad in person.  Other notes...  Schaub is not that good;). Brady is that good.

One sort of ironic note is that I had a brisket sandwich at Gillette while the Pats were playing the Texans...

Go Pats

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Zebster said...

Wicked jealous. Glad you got to go and thanks for the report. Go Pats!