Monday, January 07, 2013

But in the end...

I'm an NHL and Boston Bruin fan.  So I was frustrated and disappointed at this work stoppage.  But I'm not an investor -- I have no investment in the sport or team in any way; I'm not out anything but free entertainment, unless I choose to go to a game.  Just because I can't choose to go to a game because they're on strike is not worth me hating the sport and never wanting to come back. 
Seriously, what did they really do to me?  Granted, lots of people are employed related to the sport and I feel their pain when their revenues and incomes are cut, and they certainly have a right to be angry.  But the league and its players owe me nothing, not a free or cheaper ticket or free Center Ice or anything.  It was my choice to do other things with my time and money when the NHL wasn't an option, and it will be my choice whether to spend that time and money going forward.
Why should a lockout change that simple equation?

Sort of in that vein:  I'm going to try to get to Nassau Coliseum before the Islanders start playing in Brooklyn in 2014-15.  Will they still be or want to be called the Islanders?


Anonymous said...

I wish I had the same view. What did the NHL do to me? One of their owners (I'm looking at you, LA) owns my city's arena and won't let us have a minor league hockey teams because it's not as profitable as six concerts. So I no longer have that to fall back on if there's no NHL hockey.

The NHL doesn't owe me anything, and it's my choice whether I give them the time of day. Or treat them like MLB. Casually watch, yet never spend a dime on them.

Zebster said...

And I absolutely respect that and agree with it,'s got to do with how you feel treated and the quality of the product on the ice. I obviously have the luxury of living in NE, with not only the Bruins but no less than 6 AHL teams within about 4 hours (planning on catching a game in Providence soon) as well as some of the best college hockey in the country. So while I can't feel your pain, I get it.
But I've always been the type to blame the owner (ours almost ran our franchise into the ground, remember) without taking it out on franchise. It's ours, not theirs. They can't ruin it for me because I refuse to let them.