Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Few Random Football Thoughts

Remember, the LFL now stands for the Legends Football League
1.  Fine Tom Brady $10,000 for his slide that ran his cleat into Ed Reed's leg.  I'm sorry, but if Suh from the Lions can get fined with his leg whip that the NFL cannot say was intentional, Tom Brady can be fined for his leg staying up and trying to poke hole in Ed Reed.

2.  I thought that Tim Brown wasn't all there, but this is nuts.  Imagine that a Head Coach even has the thought of throwing the Super Bowl.  I can't.  If this would have happened, I would have expected it at the most a week or two ofter the Super Bowl.  This is 10 years later.  Timmy had his feathers ruffled when Jerry Rice came to Oakland and became the #1 receiver.  He complained about that this past week as well.  I think that he either needs medication or needs a psychiatrist.  Either one would help him.

3.  I am already tired of the Harbaugh stories.  Leave them alone.  I don't need to hear about their childhoods and how John bullied his younger brother, Jim.  Speaking of being tired of things about the Super Bowl, the Ray Lewis story is still the same from years ago.  Talk about how the Ravens defense has transformed itself to where Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are not the main playmakers for the defense.  Talk about Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick and how they are different types of QBs.  Talk about how the 49ers defense hasn't played up to expectations in the playoffs.  There are so many storylines that should be talked about rather than the ones that will be beaten to death.  Somebody please start talking about them.

4.  Sean Payton is back.  Now the Saints can finish third in the NFC South next year with him on the sidelines.

5.  Jerry Jones is still mad with power.  He needs to fire himself as the GM of the Cowboys.  Although, he did do one good thing and brought in an Offensive Coordinator, taking away play-calling duties from Jason Garrett.  Now to get football people that can have real power in the front office of the organization and the Cowboys could become a force in the NFC.

6.  Finally, Manti Te'o was either a guy involved in a hoax to get more notoriety for the Heisman or he was duped by a fraudster.  There are 2 lessons involved here and neither involve Te'o.  Lesson #1:  The administration and boosters of Notre Dame don't care anything for the players that play there, they are more concerned about keeping the Prestige and Reputation of Notre Dame clean and pristine.  Look at the way they have managed the information of this case and compare it to the death of a female student on campus that was being harassed by friends of the football team.  Nothing like brushing that little problem under the rug.  Lesson #2:  NFL players should never be seen as heroes.  Front office personnel are actually hoping that Te'o was involved in the plot.  Why?  Because that shows that he isn't naive enough to fall for things that will be thrown at him in the NFL.  In fact, the personnel say that if he did do the hoax, that he would fit right into the league, and wouldn't affect the grades that teams will put on him in the combine or draft.  Just another seedy side of the NFL coming to the forefront.

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Zebster said...

Right on about Jerry Jones and the lack of intelligent discussion leading up to the SB. I can't believe Tim Brown would suggest such a thing but what's even more unbelievable is it seems Jerry Rice agrees with him.