Friday, August 30, 2013

Brent's NFL Picks

My predictions are usually wrong. That is the easiest way to put it. So let's see how I perform this year. I am sure that when the season is over, that there will be some things that I say here that will seem real stupid.

1. New England - There is not a team in this division that should even come close.
2. Buffalo - I am convinced that the talent is there to have the Bills in the Wildcard hunt.
3. Miami - I am not convinced that the Free Agents will gel for the Phins.
4. NY Jets - A coin flip between them and the Raiders for the worst team in the NFL.

1. Cincinnati - The Bengals could be a sleeper team to make the Super Bowl with the talent that they have.
2. Baltimore - The defending Champs shouldn't have much of a fall-off after a hectic off-season.
3. Pittsburgh - The Steelers are rebuilding, not reloading.
4. Cleveland - Somethings never change in the World, the Browns in last of the AFC North is one of them.

1. Houston - Can they figure out how to have playoff success this year?
2. Indianapolis - They could be good, they could be bad. I believe more towards the good.
3. Tennessee - They have Chris Johnson and play in the same division as the Jags. Good enough for 3rd place.
4. Jacksonville - Blaine Gabbert has Alex Smith disease. A different Offensive Coordinator each and every year.

1. Denver - The odds on favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.
2. San Diego - They could make the playoffs just because of their schedule.
3. Kansas City - Andy Reid will make a difference in the Heartland, just not this year.
4. Oakland - Still trying to get the ship righted after Al Davis and his regime.

AFC Wild Card Weekend
Baltimore over Houston
Cincinnati over Buffalo

AFC Divisional Playoffs
Denver over Baltimore
Cincinnati over New England

AFC Championship
Denver over Cincinnati

1. Dallas - The underachievers finally win a division title.
2. NY Giants - The best team of the rest of this division.
3. Washington - I might be the only person in America that doesn't believe in RG III.
4. Philadelphia - Chip Kelly will have a rough year, I don't think that Michael Vick is the answer for his offense.

1. Green Bay - The big problem again is going to be the offensive line.
2. Chicago - Marc Tressman should bring the best out of surly Jay Cutler.
3. Minnesota - Matt Cassel isn't better than Christian Ponder. The Vikings need to find better QB's.
4. Detroit - I believe that change is coming for this franchise yet again. No, Matt Millen, you are not coming back.

1. Atlanta - Matt Ryan won a playoff game last year. Let's see him do it again.
2. Tampa Bay - I predict that Josh Freeman puts it all together this year.
3. New Orleans - Something tells me that the Saints will need to continue to improve their defense.
4. Carolina - Cam Newton isn't able to sav Ron Rivera's job after this year.

1. Seattle - The Seahawks have the defense and running attack to withstand a sophmore slump from Russell Wilson.
2. Arizona - I believe that Carson Palmer will look like the 2nd coming of Kurt Warner.
3. San Francisco - Everything broke the 49ers way last year. Not this year.
4. St Louis - You have to hope that Jeff Fisher can get Sam Bradford to become an upper echelon QB this year.

NFC Wild Card Weekend
Seattle over Tampa Bay
Arizona over Dallas

NFC Divisional Playoffs
Atlanta over Seattle
Green Bay over Arizona

One of the reasons that the Falcons make the Super Bowl
NFC Championship
Atlanta over Green Bay

Super Bowl
Denver over Atlanta


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be shocked if the Falcons won, but then again Matt Ryan still has to prove himself in the playoffs.

Zebster said...

Those are some ballsy picks for sure. You have teams winning playoff games that I don't have making the playoffs, in the NFC in particular.

Brent said...

Yeah. I know that everybody is on the SF and Washington bandwagons. I am not. I don't think that the Saints defense will improve that much to let them back into the playoffs. The NFC East is a division where anybody can win or come in last. That is why I picked the Arizona upset.

In the AFC, it was a choice of Pittsburgh, Indy, or Buffalo for the last Wild Card.