Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just Win, Baby!

A new football season has begun in earnest this week and all that the Bison (pronounced Bizzon) is win. We here in North Dakota are proud of the little school that could. The Bison are the 2-time defending Bowl Championship Division Champions. NDSU can't get on the schedule of Big Ten teams anymore. Why? Because the Bison rise up and beat those teams on their home fields. Minnesota came up with some lame excuse not to play NDSU after getting beat by them three times in a row. The excuse was they didn't have the schedule flexibility to schedule the Bison, but yet the Golden Chokers can schedule UNLV.

The reason that I bring this up? Friday night, NDSU rolled into Manhattan, Kansas. They went there to play the Kansas State Wildcats out of the Big-12. The defending Big-12 Champions. And tonight more than half the state of North Dakota is celebrating a 24-21 win over those Wildcats. It wasn't a typical win for the Bison. They fell behind by 14 points to the Wildcats and clawed their way back to within 4 points and then went on a 18 play, 80 yard drive that took 8 and a half minutes, with the QB scoring on a busted running play with 28 seconds left in the game.

Al Davis had the saying "Just Win, Baby!" That is what NDSU is doing right now. We fans are sky high and expecting our annual trip to Frisco, TX for the Championship game. There are fans saying it will be an undefeated season already. I'm not that far over the moon yet, but I am expecting an appearance in Frisco at the very least. I am also expecting some difficulty in the Bison scheduling teams from the major BCS conferences in the future. Why? They are good enough to beat those teams that aren't on top of their game and they will give a fight to those teams that are on top of their game.



Huntress aka R.J. said...

I was a little scared when I saw the title of this post. No way you and I were watching the same Raiders game on NFL Network tonight. They looked terrible.

Congrats on the win!

Zebster said...

That's quite impressive indeed. I'm happy when my Black Bears have a winning season.
Are you sharing your posts to FB so your friends can read your posts?

Brent said...

If I was posting on the Raiders, The title would be Just Win, Please!