Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Kid Goes Into The Mariners Hall Of Fame

I remember seeing Ken Griffey Jr. play. One of the best players that I have ever seen. He made it look like playing professional baseball was the easiest thing in the world. And while he will never be considered the best player of all time, I would put him on my roster of 25. That does include 10 pitchers on my roster.


Anonymous said...

I have a lot of fond memories of this guy. He made baseball fun to watch, and to the best of my knowledge never did HGH or steroids during his career.

My favorite memory? When he first started playing in the majors, and the Mariners traded for his dad. Ken Griffey Sr. hit something like .370 while playing alongside his son in the outfield.

Zebster said...

Arguably the most gifted, natural born baseball player I've seen...effortless and smooth, he was a joy to watch.