Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Mess In Miami

The fallout in Miami has begun with the issuing of the Ted Wells report on the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin situation. The report found that Incognito along with John Jerry and Mike Pouncey harassed and bullied Martin, another young offensive lineman, and an assistant trainer. The report also has that coaches and other team officials knew of the harassment and also participated in the harassment.

The report of all the problems that happened in Miami is out and can be viewed at many locations on the web. Instead of trying to figure out what punishment or the consequences for the players, let's try to figure out the future of the main players in this fiasco.

Richie Incognito - He is a free agent. I don't believe that he will be welcomed back into the Dolphins locker room. The man has had problems with anger and bullying since college. He will not change. I cannot believe that some team would take a chance on him, but in the back of my mind, I know that there is a team out there that believes they can bring him in and have him play the good soldier.

Prediction - He will find his way onto a team roster for 2014. And he will continue to be the way that he has been.

John Jerry - Jerry is a free agent. He won't be back with the Dolphins. He is a journeyman offensive lineman. He does have some pass blocking skills, but he doesn't have the skills to overcome this situation.

Prediction - I believe he will not make a team in 2014.

Mike Pouncey - Pouncey is a Pro Bowl type center. He is a valuable asset to the Dolphins. With Incognito leaving, he will probably become the leader of the Offensive Line. And that is a problem. Pouncey is not a stranger to controversy or problems. Remember his rallying to Aaron Hernandez with his brother? Anyways, the man has been a troublemaker in the past and he lives and plays in Miami. Nothing could go wrong there, could it?

Prediction - After some public outreach and mea culpas, Pouncey will still be with the team. The Dolphins on the field would be less formidable with Pouncey gone. I can imagine that there will be some teams that call the Dolphins asking what they would want to get Pouncey out of Miami. But the outlook for Pouncey's future with the Dolphins after 2014 is cloudy.

Jonathan Martin - The man was a 2nd round pick. He has skills that you need to play in the NFL. There is now an answer to why he hasn't improved as much as many people thought he should. Why would you want to put in extra time in a locker room where you want to get out of as soon as possible.

Prediction - Martin will be on an NFL team next year, just not the Dolphins. The Dolphins cannot have Pouncey and Martin on the same team. Talk about awkward.

Joe Philbin - A first time head coach that puts his trust in the coaches and staff around him and they let him down big time. I will believe that he didn't know. But I am hearing that the coaching ranks of a team is like a Corporation. The Head Coach is the CEO. Well, if the guys that he put into place decide to break laws, then that should reflect on him, right?

Prediction - He will be the Head Coach in Miami in 2014. However, he will start on the hot seat and a playoff berth might be the only thing that saves his job. And that won't save it, if something else comes out that is major bad publicity for the team.

Jim Turner - The Offensive Line Coach that was blind to everything. I am still trying to figure out how the coach was in the report 90 times. And he says that he know nothing. Ignorance is bliss, apparently.

Prediction - Fired. Will not coach in the NFL this coming year.

And a dark horse:

Maurkice Pouncey - He is far away from Miami. In fact, being in Pittsburgh might have helped him. There is a culture of success and responsibility in the Steelers organization. But you have to know that there is going to be some that wonder about Mike's brother and what he might allow or do to others in a position of leadership.

Prediction - Nothing changes for Maurkice, but there will be a little bit more of watching what he is doing.

There is going to be disruption for the Dolphins this coming year. Because the players stood behind Incognito. The NFL says that they were wrong. The media and the public will be asking why they didn't stop what was going on. And where was Mr. Wallace, who said that he wanted a leadership role on the Dolphins when he signed there? This football team is going to be watched and ridiculed. We will see what the characters of the players actually is when they are under fire for the entire year.


Zebster said...

I'm still not sure what to make of all of this and have frankly tired of it. I've heard any facts (Martin's texts, etc) which directly contradict the findings. Incognito is a tool but I have issues with Martin as well.

The Huntress said...

Incognito isn't a character guy unless we're talking about bad character. He's not the NFL's dirtiest player because he respects people. He's trash.

Watch the Patriots pick him up. LOL!

Brent said...

The only thing I have issue with Martin is that he didn't go to the Dolphins brass with the problems. Otherwise, when you have 3 of your peers picking on you along with coaches and staff, you understand quickly that fighting back isn't an option.

The dolphins franchise is just the latest of organizations that bring a black eye to the NFL. Well, that and Darren Sharper charged with two rapes and could be involved in 5 more. I bet the network loved that.