Saturday, February 22, 2014


I know somebody who's gonna love this!!!!


Brent said...

It is about the first good thing to come out of Tampa Bay Buccaneer football in the past 6 years. And you know that I will buy my Full-sized helmet when I know that they are available.

Now if they would update the Bucco Bruce helmet for their Throwback creamsicle uniforms.

The Huntress said...

At first I thought the logo was too big, but I like it anyway.

Too bad the "one helmet" rule means Bucco Bruce ain't coming back unless he gets a makeover.

Zebster said...

I still prefer Bucco. This one's nice though, not like the butcher job the Pats doing going from Pat the Patriot to Flying Elvis.

DC Homer said...

The one helmet rule sucks! It ruined the Redskins' thrownback (solid gold helmet made to look like it was leather). Oh well...I do like the new Bucs' helmet! (Sorry Bucco Bruce, it was nice knowing ya!)

Brent said...

And now the new uniforms are rolled out. I like them and the Bucs are appealing to the NFL to allow them to have the Creamsicle unis and throwback helmet used once every year.

Imagine Bucco Bruce with a scar for an eye and a scowl instead of the knife in the teeth.