Friday, February 14, 2014


The 3rd Annual BoSox Tavern NFL Pick ‘Em Challenge is in the books and the 2013 Champion is the main, hairy mane Mainer from the Great Republic of Maine—Zeb Pike!  Over the 17 week season, Herr Pike tallied 165 points, or 165 correct game picks.  He didn’t run away with it, however, there was stiff competition from Brent and Mike, who came in close 2nd and 3rd with 163 and 161 wins, respectively. 

The rest of the field included Robbie with 148 points for 4th place, George with 144 (5th), Aaron with 142 (6th), and Rick and Tom pulling up the rear, both tied for 7th with 140 points each.
We also decided to take the challenge into the playoffs with each participant picking the winner of each round, through the Super Bowl, up front—we didn’t pick each week.  We added Ellery to the playoff mix, and the winner in a tie breaker was Aaron with 6 wins.  Both Aaron and Zeb had six playoff wins, but Aaron wins in the tie breaker, for successfully picking the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. 

And like the true New Englander he is, Zeb picked the Boston Patriots to win every week during the regular season, and again throughout the playoffs!  (Either this guy is a true “homer” or he thinks he had some inside dope that he didn’t share with his buds!) 
While we turn our “Pick ‘Em” attention to the Olympics, we look forward to next year!!!


Zebster said...

Bwahahaha, love the humor. I can't see how I could ever pick against the Pats. They were good enough to win every week, that's all; and my heart wasn't into pick against them in the playoffs.
Great job as always, G. Love it.

Brent said...

Thanks G. You are da man!

The Huntress said...

Thanks for keeping score, G!

DC Homer said...

Next year, I'm going to try to track some more additional stats like the number of underdog picks, the number of home/away wins, and the percentage of "homer" wins!