Saturday, February 15, 2014

USA/Russia Olympic Hockey

What follows is a collection of my comments and status updates from Facebook.  Currently the game is tied in OT:

It was only a matter of time given the way they've mostly been outskated throughout this game.

I gotta tell ya, I'm getting sick of this dump and chase game. I thought we brought a speed team because of the big ice.
I mean, the Bruins play that way (Interrupted by that goal nongoal by the Russians. We caught a big break there.that's a bad call.) Anyway, the Bruins play on smaller ice and have the skaters to outchase; but with their new young defensemen, they don't play that game nearly as much anymore.

This one in response to a friend talking about Russia's no-goal that would've given them the lead and arguably the win:  Although that's fair payback for the Russian player purposely skating into the leg of the USA player who had his back turned, tripping himself and getting a penalty.

And I gotta say I'm pissed, probably because i'm old school; but why the hell are we not only playing OT in the prelim round but then a shootout after that? How stupid. Why bother having total goals as a tie breaker when there's never any ties? sheesh

Score USA! Hard to believe we're up 2-1 in the 3rd. To me we've been outplayed. Two PP goals...opportunistic and Quick has been great in net.
 IMO a puck-control defenseman would be a great thing to have. We've hardly had any offensive zone time with this dump and chase game on big ice.

See my previous comment above as we go to a shootout.  I guess to be fair, since I still feel like the Russians were the better team and got screwed out of the game winner, that they should win; but to me there's no place for OT and especially a shootout in a preliminary round game.  What's the point of the tiebreakers?

Oshie scores on the first US attempt.  Now Malkin and Quick got a piece of it.  JVR is up for the US, who's arguably had the best game for us -- save Babrowski.  Quick just stones Datsuyk.  Pavelski with a chance to win, Babrowski holds his ground after several deeks..  Kovalchuk scores!  We're tied.  Kovalchuk goes again and Quick stones him.  Now Oshie again for the US -- Oshie had him laid out and missed an open net.  Datsuyk scores to give Russia the lead (what the hell is up with players going again?)  Oshie goes again and scores!  We're tied!  Kovalchuk beats Quick like a rented mule!  Now it's Oshie yet again...isn't he tired?  And he scores!  I gotta say I hate this though.  I want this the NHL way if we're gonna do a shootout...use your entire bench.   Quick stops Datsuyk this time.  Now Oshie again to put it away...stick check save!  Oshie had him beat bad.  Kovalchuk hits the post!  Oshie AGAIN!  SCORE!  USA, USA, USA

(Apologies for name misspellings.  I know I've got Bibrovski? wrong)


Brent said...

Sergei Bobrovsky is the Russian Goaltender.

The Huntress said...

I woke up at about the same time when T.J. Oshie scored in the shootout. I could be heard singing the Team America theme song from the movie afterward.