Friday, October 27, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs The Spread - Week 9

Still 4 over .500. If you feel that I am wrong or just spewing nonsense, all comments are welcome.

1. (5) Wisconsin at Illinois (+27) - The Badgers will win this game. But on the road, it won't be a 4 touchdown win. Even though the opponent is Illinois.

Wisconsin 34, Illinois 20
Actual Score: Wisconsin 24, Illinois 10

2. (8) Miami at North Carolina (+20.5) - The Hurricanes are a better team, but they haven't been playing up to their potential. The Tar Heels keep is semi close.

Miami 28, North Carolina 14
Actual Score: Miami 24, North Carolina 19

3. (11) Oklahoma State at (22) West Virginia (+7) - I am picking the upset here. The Mountaineers are a good team and I don't think that the Cowboys will find their explosive offense this week.

Oklahoma State 24, West Virginia 28
Actual Score: Oklahoma State 50, West Virginia 39

4. (2) Penn State (+6) at (6) Ohio State - This is the Game of the Year for the Big 10. Revenge for last year for both teams, Ohio State for losing, Penn State for the Buckeyes being picked for the playoffs. I expect a very close game.

Penn State 20, Ohio State 23
Actual Score: Penn State 38, Ohio State 39

5. (4) TCU (-6.5) at (25) Iowa State - The Horned Frogs are in the driver's seat for the Big 12 title. Now they have to overcome what usually happens to those teams in the driver's seat: choking.

TCU 38, Iowa State 24
Actual Score: TCU 7, Iowa State 14

6. (14) North Carolina State at (9) Notre Dame (-7) - I dislike the Golden Domers very much, but they are a good team. They should roll here.

North Carolina State 20, Notre Dame 37
Actual Score: North Carolina State 14, Notre Dame 35

7. Houston at (17) South Florida (-11) - Look for a Bull Rush in this game. (Pun is funny!) The Bulls are averaging over 300 yards per game,.

Houston 21, South Florida 41
Actual Score: Houston 28, South Florida 24

8. Texas Tech (+20) at (10) Oklahoma - The Red Raiders can score. They really don't play defense. I believe that the Sooners are overrated though.

Texas Tech 31, Oklahoma 38
Actual Score: Texas Tech 27, Oklahoma 49

9. Georgia Tech (+14) at (7) Clemson - The Tigers will be focused for this game, but the Yellow Jackets offense will keep it close.

Georgia Tech 27, Clemson 35
Actual Score: Georgia Tech 10, Clemson 24

10. Duke at (13) Virginia Tech (-16) - The Hokies defense are allowing the fewest points in the ACC. Their offense is averaging over 30 points per game. Duke won't change those two facts.

Duke 13, Virginia Tech 45
Actual Score: Duke 3, Virginia Tech 24

A 5-4-1 week. Thank goodness that I didn't go with Michigan State or Arizona State. Miami is winning, but look at their opponents, and Urban Meyer still can conjure his magic.

Season Record: 46-41-3

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