Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fellow Blogger Quoted by Edes

Yesterday on the pre-game show Gordon Edes quoted a fellow blogspot blogger. Here's the link: What this guy had was stats on Big Papi's walk off at bats. It was, I need not tell you, quite amazing. Just this year alone he is 8 for 9 in that situation. Since 2004 he's 11 for 14, reaching base 16 of 19 plate appearances.

As for the dismil display last night, what can you say, no hitting. While Johnson wasn't steller, the offfense was something like 1 for 9 with runners on base last night. The sox had oppurtunities but just couldn't capitalize. Sabathia had nasty stuff last night, good pitching beats a good offense every time.


Zebster said...

I assume you left a comment and invited them to visit?

David said...

Wow....If Detroit could have miraculously obtained Big Papi they would have the...oh wait a minute....they already have the best record in baseball. Never mind.

Tigs are coming to Fenway in a couple of weeks...should be a good series.

Zebster said...

It should be at that. The Tigers have yet to fade. I'm impressed for such a young team.
Ortiz' big hits lately are the only thing that's kept us from a 6-7 game losing streak. It's gonna be tough with the Yanks clubbing the hell out of everybody.

David said...

Not to mention them adding Abreu to the line up. Their pitching is still suspect though.