Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"I want you all to call me Loretta..."

Pardon the Python quote but after his timely stroke tonight, being named Loretta ain't such a bad thing at all. Walk-offs are all the rage these days it seems...
I actually feel kind of bad for the Tribe's new "closer" Carmona. He has truly decent stuff and throws some major gas but he's clearly a bit twisted up in the mental department. That's 3 saves in a row that he's blown after replacing Wickman and his (and his team's) confidence must be tanking. It's just too bad that such a young pitcher with an obvious arm can't get it together when he gets his big chance to shine. Not that i'm sorry that we've faced him, of course - I hope he comes in tomorrow.
Tonight there was another example of what I suspect will become a common topic of discussion around here: another jaw-dropping shot by Willy Mo. He hit an absolute missle tonight that was still rising when it hit the wall in back of the first row Monster seats. I haven't seen anyone who hits the ball harder than he does lately, Sheffield included. And I pity the fan who tries to catch one of those blasts bare-handed.
Well, the Yankees are keeping it too close for comfort. Mussina and Wang (who pitched shutout ball for 8 innings tonight, improving to a very quiet 13-4) are both nearly unbeatable and their offense continues to get it done from all parts of the lineup. These bastards ain't going away, folks.


LittleCuz said...

The Willie Mo shot was an absolute rope!!! If it hadn't of dented the Monster Seats wall, it'd still be's easy to see now what they saw in this guy when trading Arroyo. The last week or so has proven what all Sox fans already know, watching the Sox is not for the faint of heart. It seems, even though it's nearly an entirely new team, that this year's squad resembles the 2004 squad more than the last years squad. The pieces are different but the chemestry is the same. As a fan you have the feeling that as long as they have a strike left, there is a chance for victory.

TrotRocks said...

Wily Mo is a beast! I wish that fan HAD tried to catch that ball. It would have been fun to see a man's hands come flying off and get buried into the wall. hehehe I have to confess, my heart must be faint.... after My Boy Timlin (by the way... I am running our of "boys" to cheer for) gave it up, the TV went off. if I thought Loretta and Lowell we staying beyond this year... Anyway, Yup, I gave up on them.:( I love Loretta. he and Lowell are professional baseball players. They should write a handbook on how to play like a pro. They are fundamentally outstanding, they keep their mouth shut, they are intelligent hitters, etc.

Zebster said...

I'm happy for Loretta because there's been a few occasions lately with 2 runners on and no outs and he's been popping up or striking out. Definitely my kind of player though.
That was a Jim Ed Rice shot by Willy Mo.
re Yanks: I'm afraid they're just going to pummel everybody into submission again, though they are very beatable by a good team in a short series. They're pitching has been better than ours lately, but it's easy to pitch well when you know you're going to get 6 runs a game. When's the last time they scored less than 5?
It does peeve me off to a degree that they can go out w/out a care regarding money and get whoever they want, but those last 2 trades piss me off even more because they really had one good youngster to trade. Nobody was trading, the poor teams needed to dump those guys and they dumped them cheaply right into the Yankee's laps.