Friday, August 04, 2006

Panic Button open thread

I know there's still a long way to go and that I'm sounding like the woe-is-me'er that Yankee fans claim we Sox fans are, and I know we have a lot less to whine about than the real havenots, but I fear as a result of our injuries and the Yankees killer offense we'll never get first place back. What say you?

I'm afraid they're just going to pummel everybody into submission again, though they are very beatable by a good team in a short series. They're pitching has been better than ours lately, but it's easy to pitch well when you know you're going to get 6 runs a game. When's the last time they scored less than 5?
It does peeve me off to a degree that they can go out w/out a care regarding money and get whoever they want, but those last 2 trades piss me off even more because they really had one good youngster to trade. Nobody was trading, the poor teams needed to dump those guys and they dumped them cheaply right into the Yankee's lap!

So again I say, while the phrase "good pitching beats good hitting every time," there's not enough good pitching to combat fantastic hitting 1 through 9 like NY has.
What say you to that?


LittleCuz said...

Don't push the panic button yet, there are still 9 games between the Yanks the Sox, and 48 other games the Sox have to play and 50 other games the Yanks have to play. 1 game isn't insurmountable, expecially with the Sox close to a deal for Javy Lopez. I'm guessing he'll be the every day catcher until Tek comes back and then he'll be a DH/PH type after that. He has played some first base too I believe. He may be the flame that gets them going while Tek is out......

Zebster said...

Javy a switch hitter?
I'm just concerned with that line-up, which is substantially better than ours offensively, they'll run away and hide...leaving us to battle injuries and get the wild card.
They're beatable in a short series by a good team but not over 50 games.