Monday, January 24, 2011

A Bears Fan Just The Way I Like 'Em

Here's a picture of a Bears fan just the way I like 'em. This guy (who shall remain nameless) and I work together and he's from Chicago. Huge Bears, Cubs, Bulls, etc. fan. He and I usually wager a single George Washington on the outcome of Packers/Bears games; but this time, because it was the NFC Championship game, we upped the ante. If the Bears won, I'd have to wear his Urlacher jersey; if the Pack won, he'd have to wear my Packer jersey that my niece had made for me in Korea.

So this morning he comes to work and is so glum. He sees me and asks if I brought the jersey in, which, of course, I did. To see the look on his face you would have thought his dog died. But, being a good sport, he donned on the jersey, with my name on the back, and wore it the whole day. He didn't hide in his office either and walked around the building, gathering snickers along the way.

Oooo, how I'll rue the day if I ever have to put on that Urlacher jersey. Now, my next target, a die-hard Steelers fan who used to work for me. In all good nature, I'll keep you posted, win or lose.


Robbie said...

LOL! I miss jersey bets. I used to make them all the time up until a few years ago.

Zebster said...

Rick, this is the picture you're talking about in this blog that you wrote. The only way to share a picture in a comment is to use html and I don't remember enough of it to tell you how anymore.