Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hockey Night With Bro

Maine-1 Boston University-1.  I don't think I've ever seen a game that was so lopsided in shots on goal.  There was a point in the game where Maine was outshooting BU like 36 to 13 but many of Maine's shots were from the point.  Actually, I bet Maine had 80 shots in that game, 40 of them blocked by BU defensemen.  It felt to me like Maine was relying on its talent instead of doing the hard work to get better shots.  There was a disallowed goal by Maine that would have given them the victory, though I have no idea why it was disallowed.  Maybe someone who watched on TV can fill me in.
This was also one of the chippiest college hockey games I've seen...lots and lots of penalties, and even more pushing and shoving and cheap shots.  They obviously don't like each other.
Unfortunately for Maine, after losing yesterday to BU and the tie tonight, they drop to fifth in Hockey East behind Merrimack.  Does that sound like the same team that spanked your Sioux in two games earlier in the season, Brent?  They've been very streaky.
My brother is a Maine grad, Class of '90, and it had been many years since he'd been to a game at Alfond Arena.  He had a great time reminiscing and seeing how much and how little has changed.  And the first time I had seen a game there was while he was a student.  So it was a good time for the both of us going back to a game there together.


Anonymous said...

you were right about the penalties - lots of them, but that's what made it fun for me to watch. Nail biting action seeing the bears try to score on 5 on 3 powerplays, and even MORE nail biting seeing them trying to kill time when BU had the... 5 on 3 pp's. Maine goalie, oullette, did a great job in the net but had a little trouble holding onto the rebounds. Gotta give it up for BU goalie tho, (can't remember his name), he had an outstanding night defending against all the sog's, and had one outstanding backhanded save. Can't remember why the one goal was disallowed, but do remember seeing it on replay and the officials made the right call. We used to go to all the games before my kids were born, haven't been since. How are the ticket prices now? Used to be able to buy them at the door for about $8 till Shawn Walsh and the program took off, then the prices went up. First time in awhile I've been home to catch them on tv, and enjoyed it very much! Greg

Brent said...

The Sioux played ranked teams all throughout the early season and on the road mostly. Alaska-Fairbanks, Maine, Wisconsin, and Nebraska-Omaha all on the road and all ranked in November when the Sioux played them. At Home was Denver, Minnesota-Duluth, and Notre Dame. So the Sioux have experience playing the tough teams.

Sounds like the Black Bears are getting to the meat of their schedule and are having a tough time of it. The school should possibly decide to travel out here to the Western 2/3rds of the nation and play on the road some ranked teams early in the season. I think that helps teams get accustomed to the level that they need to be at.