Thursday, January 06, 2011

Commitment To Craziness

Cable DavisWhat the (censored) was Al Davis thinking? That question keeps popping up in my brain ever since Tom Cable was notified on Tuesday that his two-year option to coach the Oakland Raiders was not picked up.

I do not understand this move and I’m very upset by it. The players, win or lose, played hard for The Cable Guy. The offense moved the ball down the field on a consistent basis for the first time since Rich Gannon was the starting quarterback. The team was 6-0 against their AFC West division rivals this past season and posted their first non-losing season since their Super Bowl run in 2002.

And yet that wasn’t good enough for Al.

Cable was a well liked coach and respected by his players for his no-nonsense approach to the game. How much did they like him? They gave Cable the Muhammad Ali “Bumaye!” chant before one practice after he allegedly clocked then-assistant coach Randy Hanson during a coach’s meeting.

I’m not sold on Cable’s rumored replacement. Hue Jackson, the likely in-house candidate to replace Cable, is a very good offensive coordinator. But so was Norv Turner and look how well that hire worked out.

For the love of God I hope Jeff Fisher somehow gets released from his contract with the Tennessee Titans. He is one of the few coaches out there that would be an ideal replacement for Tom Cable.

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Brent said...

I was wrong about Tom Cable. I figured that he was Bill Callahan part deux. He should still have a job, but I believe that the flirtation with Gradkowski as the starting quarterback throughout the season was the telling thing. Al Davis wanted Jason Campbell as the starter and Cable wouldn't go along with it until Bruce was hurt.

Alas, Al Davis has made the wrong decision yet again. Of course, if he would have done the right thing after Cable broke the jaw of an assistant, there wouldn't be this controversy.