Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heady Times At Montezuma Mesa

SDSU LogoI want to take a moment and give props to my alma mater for doing something I never imagined they would ever do when I attended San Diego State University what seems like a lifetime ago: the Aztecs men’s basketball team is now in the Top 5 in the national rankings.

Not only are the Aztecs one of two undefeated teams remaining (#1 Ohio State is the other) but with #2 Pittsburgh losing to #16 Notre Dame last night this would be the perfect opportunity for SDSU to climb further up the ladder if they can beat #9 BYU on the road tomorrow night. If the Aztecs defeat the Cougars, they also have a shot at running the table and finish the season undefeated at 31-0. That’s right. 31-0.

I’m stunned by this turn of events. When I attended SDSU the team not only couldn’t give away free tickets to basketball games at old Peterson Gymnasium but there was one season in which they won only two games. Those two wins were against non-conference opponents early in the year and the Aztecs lost twenty-one in a row to end the season.

Today, students are not only lining up on Monday mornings to get their tickets for the week’s home games but the Viejas Arena regularly sells out for men’s basketball. I never imagined this could happen in my wildest dreams and I’m bursting with pride. We finally have a winning team that can compete with the top basketball teams all across the country. Yes, even the top teams in the SEC and whatever alphabet conferences on the other side of the country that get all the love from the East Coast voters that don’t bother watching SDSU games except for SportsCenter highlights.

I’m telling you right now if the Aztecs win tomorrow night I may not sleep that evening. I’ll likely be busy burning off a lifetime of humiliation and disappointment that accompanies being a fan of Aztecs sports programs.

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Zebster said...

Props indeed. Methinks you should get down (over) for a game and tell us about it.