Saturday, January 01, 2011

My 2011 MLB Hall Of Fame Ballot

These men would be on my ballot for the 2011 MLB Hall Of Fame

1.  Bert Blyleven - 287 Wins, 60 Shutouts, 3701 Strikeouts and 3.31 ERA

2.  Jack Morris - 254 Wins, 5 time All-Star, Opening Day starter 14 times, AL leader in Wins, Complete Games, Innings, and starts ii the decade of the 80's.

3.  Edgar Martinez - .312 BA, 2 Time Batting champ, 7 time All-Star, over a 1 OPS 5 times, led AL in doubles twice, 2 time batting champ

4.  Jeff Bagwell - NL ROY, NL MVP, 202 SB, .297 BA, led NL in runs 3 times, missed over 20 games only 3 seasons out of 15.

5.  Alan Trammell - 6 time AL All-Star, 4 time gold glove, .285 BA, led AL twice in Sacrifice Flys, over 6100 assists, only 227 errors in 20 years.

6.  Tim Raines - 7 time NL All-Star, stole 70 bases 6 times, .294 BA, Batting champ in 1986,
808 SB, 2605 hits, 1571 runs

7.  John Franco - 4 time All-Star, Led AL once and NL twice in saves, ERA 2.89, All time leader in Saves for Lefty, played 1119 games, started 0.  22 HBP in 1245.2 IP.  424 saves.

8.  Lee Smith -  478 Saves, 3.03 ERA, 3rd in all time saves, led NL 3 times, AL once in saves.  hit 10 batters over 18 years.

People that didn't make my ballot:

Mark McGwire - He admitted that he did steroids.  And rule breakers cannot profit on that. 

Rafael Palmeiro - Lied to congress about using steroids.  Real selfish player according to the beat writers.

Roberto Alomar - If we use the standards of today on Alomar's career, he is a below average 2nd baseman in the field and the offensive numbers don't pull him through.

Barry Larkin - A player who's legend increases throughout the years.  Never thought he was Hall worthy.

Larry Walker - I don't care if he played for the Rockies and had good numbers there.  This isn't the Hall for the very good.  And that is what Walker was, very good.

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