Monday, December 19, 2011

5 Stories That I Am Following

1) Chris Jaffe's two articles on the Cooperstown case for:.  The first one was on Tim Raines and the second on Jeff Bagwell.  They are both HOF worthy IMO, but probably won't make the cut again.

2)  The Div I-AA FCS Subdivision championship game.  The ND State Bison are rolling after destroying Georgia Southern in the semi-finals.  That is the Georgia Southern team that put up 23 points on Alabama.  They put up 7 on the Bison defense.  'Bama sucks.

3)  The LeBron Rule in the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement which prohibits players from holding an ownership stake in a player-management firm or from acting as NBPA certified agents.  Betcha the brick is proud to have a rule named after him.

4)  The Lucic suspension for his boarding of Philly's Zac Rinaldo.  It might have not warranted a suspension, but the B's have gotten away with some dirty shots with only fines, not suspensions.  It is probably a make-up call by Brendan Shanahan, who is starting to look less by the book and more judgement call like Colin Campbell was.

5)  Sean Salisbury has fallen.  It used to be that he would comment and call on some real football.  Now he is the main play-by-play guy on Lingerie Football.  That comes close to being former WWE Wrestler Chyna performing at strip clubs and porn shoots.


Zebster said...

Raines should be in already and I think he gets in this time. Bagwell, fair or not, has whispers about him, as does every power hitter from that era. He will get in eventually though.
I think you have it backwards with Shanahan. Most respected hockey experts say he's done a great job, almost 100% and I agree. The Lucic call is by the book. Was the suspension due in part to some past actions? Maybe. No whining here.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed Lucic got a suspension. Maybe he got suspended because he didn't nail Scott Hartnell, who like Matt Cooke is way overdue to be paid back for all the cheap shots he's delivered over the years.

Both Raines and Bagwell deserve to be in the Hall.

Brent said...

I was happy at the beginning of the year and Shanny's banishment and the amount of suspensions he was handing out. It appears to me, that he has lightened up on the standards and is not suspending people now for hits that they would be suspended for the first couple of weeks of the season.

dasnake said...

merry christmas all.