Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sports, eh

If you are new to our blog and want to know what we're about, then watch these short educational videos and you'll no longer wonder.

Bob and Doug are correct, more hockey, less football. Did you know the Bruins/Penguins game outdrew Monday Night Football in the Boston market?

So it's important to remember while visiting BoSox Tavern and having a few Tuborgs and some back bacon while watching hockey that you should still exercise to keep your body healthy.

Unfortunately, the next couple of educational videos are unavailable in embed form. So please follow this link to Strange Brew Hockey, remembering to protect your left nut as well as your right, and last beer to learn what not to do with the last beer.

So in summary, we're about sports, eh, first and foremost, then food and alcohol as well. Don't forget your toque, it's getting cold out.

Thanks Bob and Doug.  I put this together while drinking a Canada Dry.

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