Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jay Williams

Jason Williams, not Jayson Williams.  I'm not the biggest basketball fan, especially college hoops; but I knew who he was coming out of Duke and being drafted 2nd overall, behind Yao Ming, by the Chicago Bulls.  Then, of course, I heard about his career-ending motorcycle accident after his rookie season and all the hew and cry about how stupid he was.  But to be honest, I had no idea who Jay Williams was as a person and had no idea what happened to him after his accident, whether he ever played again or even walked.
I was channel flipping this afternoon and just happened to catch this interview with him on "Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable."  You can tell he sincerely does not feel sorry for himself and listen to him explain why he wouldn't change anything.

One of the best interviews I've seen in quite some time. Don't you wish, as I do, that people like him are still playing and those who don't appreciate their gifts are the ones who had the motorcycle accident?


Anonymous said...

I remember Jay Williams. Thanks to that accident he never had any sort of NBA career.

Josh said...

I remember watching JWill tear it up at Duke and was so excited to see him get drafted to my favorite team (Bulls). I was able to meet and get an autograph from Jay at Duke 2 years ago at countdown to craziness and the guy is just as, if not more than a role model now as he was then. Class Act. Best of Luck JWIll.

PS: The miracle minute against Maryland you sparked will forever be one of may favorite basketball moments of all time