Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Blog Challenge Loser

My friend, Zeb--you know, that hoser from Maine--enticed me into a "blog challenge" over the Redskins vs. Patriots game.  The loser has to extol the virtues of the winner.  In light of the fact that the Redskins do, without debate, suck, I "could" say the Patriots game showed a lot of promise--Hulu, our rook running back, really showed his hinney (literally) by almost rushing for more yards than Gross Wrecksman threw....I "could" say even Gross Man played a comparatively good game considering his previous outings....I "could" say the zebras held a vendetta against the Skins, and that personal foul call against London Fletcher (which led to a Pats score) was...well, you was the backbreaker...I could say this was the first time the Pats have ever beaten the Reskins on the road. 

I could say all of those things, but to what end?  The Redskins still suck, and the Patriots still won, and they're probably going to win their division (...again...(yawn!)...).  But I'm NOT going to say those things because that's not what the challenge is all about.  It's about giving the Pats their due! 

Despite Zeb's Facebook postings that the Pats' defense sucked (I couldn't figure out why we kept scoring like we did--very uncharacteristic of sorry Skins teams), the fact remains, their offense was stellar and that Brady guy is tremendous in the pocket (his girlfriend(s) are still hot, right?).  So, HERE'S TO THE BOSTON PATRIOTS!!!  Good game, fellas!  It seems like Boston is the place to be to bask in the glory of professional sports championships (except for soccer, the MLS New England--they suck (don't they have a mascot name?)).  Gotta tip my hat to Zebster and the Pats, but I am glad we couldn't work out being at FedEx to watch the game.  While he would have been happier than a duck in cold water, I would have been miserable in the cold, watching my team lose--freezing my butt off.  BUT, hey, we lost with dignity, so that's a positive!  And the Pats knew we played them tough--that's another positive! 

Oh, and here's also to the ubiquitous Boston fan--damn, these guys are everywhere!!!  No matter where I go or which stadium/arena I'm in, I can always count on a ton of Bruins, Patriots, Celtics, and Sox fans to yell louder than Skins/Bullets/Nats/Caps fans.....(why is that?  hmmm......)

GO BEARS ("Bruins")!!!


Zebster said...

I must be "shufflin" because I'm LMFAO. That's the best thing that's been written on here in a while. You're a good sport, G!
The MLS team is called the Revolution, who lost 4 championship games recently but now do indeed suck. I'm looking forward to you and your DC buds coming up to Fenway this summer.

DC Homer said...

INDEED!!! I've vowed to pee on the Green Monster, get plastered with Matt's dad, then pick a fight in a "Southie" bar! LOL Think Blue Cross/Blue Shield will cover all of that?

Brent said...

Pee on a Red Sox player as well. Boston fans are becoming insufferable, Zeb excluded.