Monday, December 05, 2011

Around the sports world (open thread)

I'll touch on a few things briefly but don't be afraid to comment on something I didn't mention.

The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings have begun, though the Miami Marlins got a head start last night by signing Jose Reyes to a big, long-term deal.  What do you think about this signing and how it affects the Marlins chances of winning a division that has the Phillies and Braves already loaded?  Rumors have it that they're going to go after Albert Pujols.  Do you have an opinion on who will go where or what you'd like to see your team do at the Winter Meetings?

Ron Santo was just voted in the Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee.  Do you have an opinion on his worthiness to be in the Hall?  I'm on the fence myself but I will say this:  It's too bad the Veterans Committee didn't do this a couple years ago when Santo was still alive.

Kurt Busch was just released from his contract with Penske Racing.  How shocking is that, that a former Champion who's still very much in his prime, arguably one of the top 10 drivers in NASCAR, has been released without a ride for next season?  There are no open rides either, although if there suddenly were an open sponsored ride, he'd have to be at the top of the list, wouldn't he?  Where do you see him ending up?  What kind of message does that send to his kid brother, who is more talented but without a championship and more of a hothead than Kurt?  Who is Roger Penske going to put in that seat; one of the available guys like David Ragan (all of whom would be a step down from Busch) or Sam Hornish, who's already in the stable but has never performed in a stock car like he did in an Indy car?  Or maybe lure someone away who already has a ride?  I haven't seen this mentioned but it wouldn't surprise me.  Then that would open up a ride for Kurt Busch.  Kurt could possibly find a sponsor and shop that to a team in an effort to get them to add another car but that'll be a tough sell given what happened that lead to his release from Penske.

Would you like to talk about the NFL games this weekend?  There's plenty to talk about, from the Packers remaining undefeated to the Broncos and Tim Tebow winning again to Jason Garrett icing his own kicker in the Cowboys loss to the Cardinals or how the playoffs are shaping up or how your team is doing.

So feel free to talk about the NHL, the NBA, the EPL or the fact that even though this wasn't an official event, Tiger Woods won his first tournament in two years at the Chevron World Challenge.

UPDATE:  Apparently Adam Vinatieri was booed in Foxboro on Sunday.  What the hell is up with that?  The greatest clutch kicker in NFL history, a guy who never whined, who got exempted twice and who only left after they didn't want to pay him, the guy who is the most responsible for them even getting to and winning that first Super Bowl.  And this isn't even his first trip back to Foxboro, is it?  This is a held, idiotic, wrong minded grudge lasting that long? 


dasnake said...

i dunno, this was a gimme to me even before the meltdown at homestead. nobody, but nobody has a right to speak to a fellow member the way busch did/does. when i was working i had forty seven member answering to me, i never spoke to any of them in a disrespectful manner, if i had a problem there would be a one on one, and there was a pecking order also, i would talk to the persons i/c and explain the problem, then go to the member, just like the crew chief who is in charge, and is made aware of any incidents in the pits, the driver is a voice, a member of a team, you treat people the way you would want to be treated.

jimmy spencer had the right idea,smack him down, well roger just smacked him, big time. i thing rootformeman may have picked up a ride, good for him.

as for kyle, i think we have to wait and see, younger and more brash, but i think his respect is more evident.

as for santo, bang on, to bad too late, he would have been so happy.

Brent said...

My MLB team is doing exactly what they should be doing. Trying to get rid of Brett Myers, Carlos Lee, and Wandy Rodriguez. After all, why have any people who could be major league players on the roster next year.

Anonymous said...

Kurt Busch got released? I'm not shocked. He's had problems getting along with his crew and combined with the legal problems and fines he's too big of a headache to deal with.

dasnake said...

pujols to the angels, cool.