Saturday, March 03, 2012

5 Sport Stories To Follow This Weekend

1.  The New Orleans Bounty Story
     The NFL appears to be frowning upon former Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams system of paying bounties on hits that might eliminate an opponent during the game.  The story of Jonathan Vilma slapping down $10,000 on a table and telling his teammates that was a bounty on an opposing quarterback just makes it worse.  This bounty system was in use during the 2009, 2010, and 2011 seasons.  Sean Payton and the GM knew about the bounties and did nothing about it.  Williams also apparently had this system in Washington and Tennessee before he joined the Saints.  I wonder if Jeff Fisher will be forced to get rid of Williams in St. Louis.

2.  Franchise Tags
     The Franchise Tags came hard and furious during Friday.  There will be more coming this weekend.  And the various reactions from the players franchised is intriguing.  Matt Forte is furious, while Desean Jackson is delighted.  And if the Giants Franchise Steve Weatherford, their punter, I am going to scream.

3.  Can The Maple Leafs Save Their Season?
     Friday, Ron Wilson was fired as head coach of the Leafs.  In comes Randy Carlyle recently fired from the Anaheim Ducks.  You know, the team that was floundering until he was fired.  Now the Ducks are one of the hottest, if not the hottest team in the NHL.  The underachieving Leafs and the man in charge, Brian Burke hope that this 11th hour change will give them energy and a new sense of purpose.  The better thing would have been to being in a veteran that wouldn't be in awe of playing in Toronto like the kids are.

4.  Revenge Sunday For Kobe?
     During the NBA All-Star game, Dwayne Wade gave Kobe Bryant a broken nose and a concussion on a flagrant foul.  We all know that Kobe has a mean streak a mile wide and does not forget when he feels wronged.  So what will he do to get back at Wade?  I believe that he will drain 40 points and give a small cheap shot to Wade and that will be that.  What i am hoping for is a Bryant meltdown and throw a lethal elbow into Wade's nose breaking it.  An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a broken nose for a broken nose.  Sounds pretty good.

5.  The Astros Are Already Getting Busy With The Rangers
     The GM for the Astros, Jeff Luhnow, ripped into the Rangers and their spending in Latin America before the new international spending cap goes into effect July 2nd.  MLB is investigating some of the Rangers signings determining if they are playing fast and loose with the rules down in the Dominican Republic.  Luhnow is apologizing for using the term "drunken sailors".  That isn't language to apologize for.  Now if Luhnow would have said that the Rangers are spending like a whore who finally hooked a rich john, I could understand the apology.  Watch for these two teams to have a heated rivalry starting next year.  Nothing would be better than beating that turncoat Nolan Ryan.  Yankees-Red Sox, look out.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked Burke fired Wilson before the season ended. I always imagined they would leave Toronto like Thelma & Louise.

Zebster said...

A Rangers/Astros rivalry like the Sox/Yanks would be good for both teams and baseball.
The recycling of "failed" coaches always amazes me.
And I feel the bounty story is the biggest story...wouldn't be surprised to see Williams gone.

dasnake said...

the yanks are doing philly this weekend, there is racing this weekend, mom and i were shopping and then went for beer this afternoon, the person in front asked what time the game will be on, i said i don't know, i know tomorrows game is at 1:00 eastern in philly, they looked at me like i was nutz, they were talking about some bum hockey team that is in vancouver, i was talking baseball. i know youse guys can't see my face or hear me, but my voice is dripping with sarcasm and i have a big smile on my face.

Zebster said...

And I'm watching a little BoSox spring training right now, against the BC Eagles.

dasnake said...

the yankees win, the-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a yankees win, great way to start the season, the first televised of the year, now they will play like crap and i will have to listen to all my detractors again, but what the heck, racing and baseball, the fun is back in our lives, now if the kanucks can only be bounced in the first round my life will be complete.