Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our ESPN Bracket Challenge group

We had fun with this last year and have seven (six of them BoSox blog authors) signed up so far.  We do have one notable exception and you know who you are.  There is still time to register and fill out a bracket.  Closing time is noon eastern.
Unfortunately ESPN doesn't have a share option for Blogger.  So all I can do is share the link to our group and give you the give password if you'd like to jump in.  The password is zebster43 and following is the group link or you can search for group number 27456.  So please join us.  This is one of those rare things every year, like the Super Bowl, where even nonfans can join in the fun and show their expertise, their dumb luck and or their cluelessness.  The reward for winning?  Bragging rights, of course.

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