Friday, March 09, 2012

5 Sport Stories To Follow This Weekend

1.  The Peyton Manning Magical Mystery Tour
     Peyton Manning started his free agency visits on Friday when he visited the Denver Broncos.  It appears that he will visit the Cardinals and Dolphins as well.  It does look like the Jets and Redskins have decided that they won't be able to sign the veteran signal caller.  I still believe that the 49ers or the Seahawks is the best landing place for the elder Manning.

2.  NCAA Selection Sunday
     Almost every eyeball that follows sports will be watching the selection shows that permeate the cable networks.  My pick to win the NCAA Tourney?  South Dakota State Jackrabbits.

3.  The NFL Shedding Salary Game
     This weekend is the weekend before free agency.  That means teams are shedding players that they believe are overpaid.  Not every team will gut every position like the Colts are doing, but watch as some players that you would think are vital to the team get cut.

4.  The San Diego Padres Sale Is Off
     Jeff Moorad has had his possible takeover of the Padres under siege by MLB.  Friday, the Padres put out a press release that basically said that Moorad will not become the principle owner of the Padres.  Apparently, the MLB offices didn't want another possible Frank McCourt.

5.  Reports:  Rams Deal #2 Pick To Redskins
     Multiple reports say that the Rams have dealt the #2 pick to the Redskins for 3 First Round choices and other draft picks which also contain a second round pick.  If true, the Rams have made a steal and the Redskins had better hope that RG III is the second coming of Michael Vick.  If not, the deal will appear even more lopsided in favor of the Rams than it does right now.


Anonymous said...

I don't want another Frank McCourt as the Padres owner, and that is way, way too much for the Redskins to trade for RG3.

Zebster said...

I find the Manning thing very interesting. As a football fan, it would be great to see him go to SF. As a Pats fan, I want him to go somewhere irrelevant. LOL Won't be surprised if he ends up in Denver.
The Skins are too desparate.
Selection is this Sunday? I thought some conferences were just starting their tourneys.