Saturday, March 17, 2012

5 Things To Watch This Weekend

1.  The Manning Magical Mystery Tour has suddenly become a circus.  Miami and Arizona being told no.  San Francisco being a secret team in the running.  Denver and Tennessee going to see him throw.  Other teams that wanted to be included in this circus being refused.  I am hopeful that this will end on either Monday or Tuesday.  Because if we have to go through another week of this garbage, I will be rooting for serious injuries.

2.  College hockey conference championships.  I spent over 5 hours Friday night watching the WCHA semifinals.  And it was great.  I had to watch on Fox Sports north who were rooting for the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs and the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  The Bulldogs came back from 3-0 to force their game with the Denver Pioneers into Double Overtime and make it the longest game in WCHA Final Five playoff history.  In the 2nd Semi-finals, the Fighting Sioux of North Dakota came back from hometown officiating and a 3-0 deficit to win 6-3.  The NBC Sports Channel had the Hockey East tournament and Fox Sports North Plus had the CCHA semifinals.  It is a great time to be a college hockey fan.

3.  NASCAR at Bristol.  Short tracks bring out the tempers of the drivers and teams.  You will see more flare this weekend.  Nuff said.

4.  The NCAA Men's Tournament.  #2 seeds Duke and Missouri have already fallen.  #1 Seed Syracuse needed bad calls to advance over UNC-Asheville.  And my bracket already has 1 of my Final Four teams out and another Elite 8 team.  Right now I'm not happy with Missouri or St. Mary's.

5.  The race for the playoffs in the NHL.  The races for the 7th and 8th positions in each conference are tight as usual.  However, there seems to be more jostling for playoff seeding amongst the top teams than usual.  And the slumps that some of the top teams going into at the most inopportune time also makes things interesting.

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Zebster said...

Yes, it is a great time of year to be a college hockey fan, especially if your team is competitive and in the hunt. We may be seeing each other in a week or so.
I'm much more interested in where Manning goes and how that changes the fortunes of that team than I am the process of him deciding.
I'm watching my Bruins play the Flyers today, wondering whether it'll be the worst team in the league or the best team in the league.
Will be at work and will miss Bristol. My bracket is horrible at the beginning because none of my upsets happened but I still have the major players left.