Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Orange & Blue Blasphemy

Manning Donks JerseyI don’t know about you but I have a sick feeling in my stomach when I see the above. I find it troubling that Peyton Manning will wear the retired number of Frank Tripucka, the first Donks (Denver Broncos) quarterback in the team’s history. I also find it more troubling that Tripucka is eighty-four years old and has Alzheimer’s.

If Manning had truly spoken to Tripucka before his big press conference yesterday, then it shows what character he and the Donks have when he didn’t take a different uniform number like 16, the number he wore at the University of Tennessee.

Maybe karma will bite him in the a** and the Colts will give Andrew Luck number 18 next month?


Brent said...

I wholehearted agree. John Elway, Pat Bowlen, and the entire Broncos organization, including Peyton Manning show just how much class they don't have.

I usually don't root for injuries, but I hope that the surgically repaired neck isn't healed enough for Manning to play next year. A jackass on the Broncos. A perfect marriage.

Zebster said...

Thanks, RJ, I didn't realize 18 was retired. Well, is it retired or isn't it? And what's so damn important about a number?