Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Tweet I Feared To Read

Marquette King will do well this season, but I was crossing my fingers Chris Kluwe would win the punting job formerly held by future Hall of Famer Shane Lechler. Hopefully Kluwe will find another NFL team soon. He had a really good preseason, but King has an absolute cannon for a leg.

At least Kluwe won’t have to endure a likely 2-14 season this year and punt over 100 times. That’s what’s in store for the Raiders unless Terrelle Pryor magically becomes Randall Cunningham (loved him!) overnight.


Brent said...

It is more likely that Matt Flynn becomes the 2nd coming of Joe Montana than Pryor becoming Randall Cunningham.

Brent said...
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Zebster said...

That makes at least two very good punters looking for a gig.