Monday, April 07, 2014


I attended the Washington Nationals' Opening Day on Friday, 4 April.  It was a great day ("great" in that it wasn't cold and it didn't rain, like on some other opening days).  The fellas and I started the day with our ritual of breakfast tacos (don't ask) from "DC Taco," a bloody mary (I hate bloody marys), and, of course, beer--lots of ice cold beer.  And I mean really ice cold--with ice cold ice--not like that so-called "ice cold" lukewarm beer the beer guy in the stadium sells.  I felt just like a kid on opening day! 

Okay, so the Nats lost 2-1 (we did pull a boner by getting caught in a rundown between 2nd and 3rd with no outs), and we blew a 2-on, no outs opportunity.  But other than that, it was a great day!  The beer was cold, (the girls were cute), and I wasn't working!!!  Maybe that's why I felt so much like a kid!

The following is a poem I found that will be my 2014 inspiration for the Washington Nationals.  We have a good team, we have the players who have talent, and a good manager.  I say we approach this season with wide-eyed hope like we were kids!  GO NATS!!!

CLOTHESPINS (By  Stuart Dybek)  
I once hit clothespins  
for the Chicago Cubs.  
I'd go out after supper  
when the wash was in  
and collect clothespins  
from under four stories  
of clothesline.  
A swing-and-a-miss  
was a strike-out;  
the garage roof, Willie Mays,  
pounding his mitt  
under a pop fly.  
Bushes, a double,  
off the fence, triple,  
and over, home run.  
The bleachers roared.  
I was all they ever needed for the flag.  
New records every game—
once, 10 homers in a row!  
But sometimes I'd tag them  
so hard they'd explode,  
legs flying apart in midair,  
pieces spinning crazily  
in all directions.  
Foul Ball! What else  
could I call it?  
The bat was real.


The Huntress said...

Nice writeup! If only my Padres cared enough to sign decent player and/or hang onto the kids they develop, I'd attend a game.

Zebster said...

Excellent, G. I look forward to getting down there and seeing a game with you's been a couple years now. Go Nats!